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Since I found out I was expecting baby number two, I have been constantly trolling through the baby section of any website I stumble upon. I was excited when we had Emily, but knowing this is the last baby we will have it has made choosing everything so much more complicated. Do I pick a Moses basket or a bedside crib? What kind of colour scheme do I go with, we did all the pinks with Emily, and I feel like I’m over that this time. I seem to be swaying more towards grey, and yellow. Especially with baby E being a summer baby, I think the pop of yellow will look lovely.

I thought I would put together a little wish list type post of the things I am lusting over, I have also included a few things that I have purchased. Let me know if you think I have missed anything. 

In my opinion a car seat is one of the most important things you have to pick. You also are not going to get far without having one, as I know most hospitals won't let you take baby until you prove you have a car seat. I loved that the I-Gemm has a retractable, removable sun canopy which features a zip-open ventilation panel. It also has a curved base also allow the car seat to be rocked, which will be perfect for getting a sleeping baby back off to sleep when moving them from the car to inside.

As soon as I saw this bag, I fell in love with it. I have always been a fan of BabyMel products, so I knew that my next changing bag would have to be a BabyMel. I went for the Tan colour although this same bag does come in black to. I love that it has all the practical features of a changing bag, but doesn't look like a changing bag.
Emily suffered from silent reflux and hated being in her moses basket, we were constantly trying to prop her up or make her feel snug and secure in the newborn days. I wish we had a product like the PurFlo Breathable nest in the early days with Emily. It can be used as a crib insert, when co-sleeping, for tummy time, or around the house. I feel like it will be one of the products we use the most.

Sam brought Emily a Jellycat bunny when she was first born, it was the first teddy she had and too this day it is her absolute favourite. I love the Jellycat brand, as the soft toys are always super soft and look beautiful. It just makes sence that we will get Baby E a bunny, in a different colour of course. Although I added a picture of the pink bunny, the choice is Sam's, so who knows what colour she will get.

Tommee Tippee is a brand that we love and trust, we used all Tommee Tippee products with Emily, and had no trouble. We found them easy to use, and practical. I also think they are really good value for money. We will be opting for the electric sterilizer again this time around, as I will be bottle feeding again. I love that they now have different colours, when I was pregnant with Emily, only white was available.

Choosing a pushchair is always hard, I only stumbed upon the Joie Chrome, as it matches the car seat we have picked. I love the design of this pushchair, and the fact I can have baby E Facing me or the world. It also has a height adjustable push bar handle, with soft grip. This is a must for us, as Sam is alot taller than me and struggled to push Emily's pushchair as the handle was quite low. I also love the colour of it!

I have been debating between a moses basket and a crib from the moment I found out I was pregnant. While I love the look of a Moses Basket, I know that we plan to go on holiday in August/September. When I saw this award winning Little Chick London bedside crib, I knew that it would be the perfect crib for traveling. It is bigger than a traditional moses basket, but compact enough to sit next to or near our bed. I also love how it folds for storage and has a removable cover for washing. I can't wait to put this bedside crib to the test. 

As I mentioned above, I have been debating between a crib and moses basket. It doesn't matter how many various style cribs/moses baskets I look at I always come back to this gorgeous white wicker basket. This moses basket has a classic look, but with a slight modern twist, It has easy grip leather handles and comes in a beautiful white colour. It also has a adjustable hood to create a safe, cosy sleeping enviroment. I am literally in love with this product, its beautiful.

As I mentioned above, I have fallen in love with the Yellow/Grey colour scheme. When I saw this beautiful blanket I knew I just had to get it for Baby E, this is one of the things I actually brought before we even knew the gender. I wen't for the cotbed size blanket (120cmx150cm), the open cellular construction allows airflow, and is safer than normal blankets. I feel like it is going to be the perfect blanket to keep Baby E cool in the summer.

Muslins are my favourite, and must have product. I used them all the time with Emily, and I know that I will use them again with Baby E. I have fallen in love with the Lovebird pack by Aden + Anais. These Giant muslins are slightly bigger than most muslins, meaning they will be the perfect product to swaddle a baby. The lovebird pack comes in a set of four beautifully designed prints, my favourite being the bird cage print.

- Some of the items mentioned in this post I have already brought, some have also been sent to me free of charge as part of a upcoming brand collaboration. Although all opinions are my own.


  1. There are some lovely items here! The changing bag is gorgeous and I've heard amazing things about Aden + Anais products! I wish we had used them with Sophie x

  2. Some great items here next time round if I bottle feed I'm going to get a perfect prep machine. I really like the idea of the yellow and grey theme and the jelly cat toy is cute.

  3. I definitely I shopped differently second time around, as I had far more information about what I liked and didn't like from baby number one. I love yellow and grey and think this would make a lovely nursery x

  4. That bright blanket is just gorgeous and so pretty! I love the look of that pram too. xx

  5. I pretty much reused everything from my first but there are so many more nice bits out there now than there were 5 years ago.


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