20 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number 2]

Due Date: June 28th, 2017

Mood: This week I have been feeling a little better, I spoke to M again who confirmed what I already thought - that the midwife didn't mean any offence in what she wrote in my book (if you read my 19 week update you will know what I mean). We had our 20 week scan this week, which went well although we didn't have anyone to watch Emily, and she wasn't allowed in the room with us - which I think is silly as they want you to include other children in your pregnancy so it isn't such a big shock when the baby is born. Also, I think it’s really inconsiderate of some mother’s feelings, I find it really hard to leave Emily with other people, even if it’s just in the next room for a little while.

Anyway, she wasn't allowed in which meant I had to go into the scan by myself - no big deal to most, but it is to me. I get anxious about my pregnancy at the best of time, but even more so when I have to have scans. Especially since your 20 week scan does all the babies checks, and in my opinion is quite important. I also felt extremely bad for Sam, as he had to miss out on seeing our little girl. I spent the whole time crying to myself, trying not to draw attention, which isn't exactly how I want to feel, or be made to feel, when I am supposed to feel excited/happy that everything is ok with Baby E.

The scan went well, and Baby E looks perfect, all her checks came back normal. They are slightly concerned about her growth as she is measuring small - but it isn't something that I am too worried about, as Emily always measured small, and I have lost 3 stone in this pregnancy. I'm also sure that she will catch up in the last few weeks. They also checked the gender again - she is still a girl.

Symptoms: The sickness seems to have died down a little bit (but not completely disappear. I'm slowly getting my appetite back, which is a good thing but every time I eat I am filled with anxiety because I'm worried I'm going to bring it back up again. I have found that I am waking up lots during the night to be sick, which isn't the best as I already have trouble getting back to sleep.

Sleep: As mentioned above, I do have lots of problems getting to sleep, Emily has also started waking up, because she keeps having nightmares about 'spooky monsters'. So, getting up to her 2-3 times a night isn't helping, as I feel absolutely exhausted all the time.

Movement: Baby E has been kicking lots, although she is quite frustrating. Emily used to really play up to the kicks, if you placed your hand on my belly while she was kicking, she would kick even more. Baby E on the other hand stops as soon as you touch my belly. She is also quiet during the day - it's as if she knows I can't sleep at night so chooses then to kick.
Food Cravings: I haven't really been craving anything.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Highlight of the week: The 20 week scan, although it didn't go to plan and I would have preferred Sam to be in there with me, it was nice to see that she was ok, and growing nicely.

Cute little scan picture of her crossing her legs.

Looking forward to: My appetite coming back more as the weeks go on (I hope)

Baby Development: 20 weeks - Your baby is beginning to sense touch and taste buds have formed on her tongue

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