Kinetic Sand Review

Emily has always been a fan of messy play, or sensory play. Anything that she can explore, stick, or make a mess with and she is happy as can be. We were recently given the opportunity to try out some kinetic sand, and I’m so glad we got the chance to as it has been the perfect activity for Emily. As you may know I’m currently pregnant with baby 2, and have been suffering with sever sickness. The kinetic sand has given me the opportunity to still play with Emily, without being sick. It is super easy to clean up, if Emily drops a bit on the floor you can simply pick it up without the hassle of it falling apart like normal sand. It also doesn’t have a fragrance so it has kept the sickness at bay.

Inside the box, you get:

1 plastic tray
1 bag of sand
3 moulds
1 Spade/Rake tool

I really love the fact it comes with a play tray. It makes the activity so much easier to play with, as the sand is kept to one place and doesn’t end up everywhere. The sand we were given was purple, and Emily was delighted as it is her favourite colour. She was a big fan of the moulds too as she really enjoyed to create different shapes – the castle being her favourite (apparently, it looked like Elsa’s castle). After a while Emily started to notice that it was a seaside set, I was very surprised that she remembered making sand castles in the summer – It was a great way to get her talking about sea creatures, and the seaside.

Kinetic Sand is made up of 98% sand and 2% polymers, which is what gives it a unique texture. The sand doesn’t dry up or stick to your hands like normal sand does. You can easily mould the sand into whatever shape you like, for example Emily had great fun rolling it into balls and then watching it slowly fall apart.

Although the set is recommended for children age three and over, I think it is perfect for children younger. Emily is 2 years old and really enjoyed playing with this product. Not once did she try and put it in her mouth, and she didn’t get bored of it either. She sat and played with the sand for a solid 2 hours! Obviously, I would recommend adult supervision when a younger child is playing with it.

Overall I am super impressed with the kinetic sand, so much so I have brought my niece and nephew sets for their birthdays. We had so much fun making castles, and it was so easy to put away. We simply left the sand in the tray, put the moulds on top and put it away or another day. The great thing is the sand doesn’t dry up!

It’s available to buy on Amazon and Argos for £19.99, which I think is a bargain. Your child will be able to play with the products over, and over again. I also quite enjoyed it myself too – who knew playing with sand could be so therapeutic.

To find out more, please visit Spin Master

- I was sent the product for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.

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