Children's Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching, and if your anything like me I bet you’re not even ready for it! I still have a massive amount of wrapping to do, and there is still lots of things to get on my ‘to buy list’. So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your child then look no further – I have put together a little gift guide which I hope will give you some inspiration.

Emily loves to watch Little Baby Bum on YouTube. It is the #1 education channel on YouTube. They recently brought out the brands first ever musical plush range. The musical toys make the perfect gift for young fans of Little Baby Bum. They bring them unlimited enjoyment of their favourite nursery rhymes in a cute, cuddly toy! There are six various characters to choose from, Emily went for Cow and Tinkle the star. Each electronic plus plays four nursery rhymes. These impressive new toys are suitable for children aged 6 months to 4 years old.

A personalised hairbrush is a beautiful little gift for all the little and not so little people in your life. Emily is at that age now where she loves to brush her own hair, so this beautiful personalised hairbrush is right down her street. It is a keepsake that can be treasured for years with a name that will never rub off. You can simply pick which type of bristles you would like, type in the name you would like to personalise the brush with a choose from one of the beautiful designs. I went for the roses design and Emily adores it.

This cute little baby reindeer book would make the perfect addition to any child’s stocking. You follow the reindeers along as he experiences his world, from playtime to bedtime. The book contains warm illustrations plus a comforting story about the rhythms of a baby reindeer day. You can also use the cute finger puppet to make the reindeer move and keep the little people entertained in the story.

These cute little kid-powered racers are such fun to play with. You simply rev the tyres forward and let it go to race and chase after! There are various different styles such as a sports car, and motorcycle. Each vehicle is brightly coloured, and eye catching. Emily has had lots of fun playing with these, and racing against her friend.

The Little Tikes baby Tummy Tunes Giraffe is the perfect all-in-one tummy time toy. The Giraffe encourages reaching and stretching while engaging baby’s core as they play the piano keys. The keys feature 2 modes: Piano and song. The Giraffe also features a little self-discovery mirror, bat-at rings and ladybug squeaker. With its bright various colours, textures and sounds it is the perfect toy to keep your baby’s attention and baby is sure to enjoy tummy time more than ever!

Skip + Hop Snack Cup And Straw Bottle
These little items are perfect to pop into your little ones stocking. The Snack cup is perfect for encouraging independent snacking without all the mess. The easy-grip handle is sized just right for little hands, and the snap top lid ensures food stays fresh. There is a flexible inside opening that keeps snacks from spilling out - even if it is tipped over! The straw bottle is perfect for toddlers who are ready to move on from sippy cups. The Zoo Straw bottle helps ease the transition by giving little ones a ‘big-kid cup’ with the protection of a flip-top lid. One of the things I really love about the straw bottle is it comes with a extra straw.

Stay warm with these adorable beat embellished wolly hat and matching gloves. The hat also has adorable hanging pom-poms. 

When I was younger I always wanted Sylvanian families, so of course when Emily took a interest in them I felt like I could relive my childhood through her. The cosy cottage is the perfect starter home. It has a red roof and beige brick style exterior. It comes with Freya Chocolate Rabbit Girl and a selection of starter furniture. The set also comes with smaller accessories such as a frying pan, fork, dish, and omelette. The kitchen furniture includes a kitchen table, bench, two chairs, a coffee table and a kitchen unit which contains a little oven and sink. There is also some bedroom furniture which includes a bed, mattress, and some gorgeous floral bedding.

Aquabeads Frozen Character set
You can build your very own snowman with this brand new Aquabeads frozen character set. You can make your favourite characters, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and of course Elsa. Just make, and then spray the Aquabeads with water, so they stay together.

Anamalz – Stegosaurus, T-rex and Triceratops
Anamalz are the cuddliest wood alive. These little dinosaur Anamalz make the perfect little stocking filler, Emily is obsessed with dinosaurs so I know that she will love these. For every Anamalz that find a home, a percentage is being donated for preserving nature forever. There is lots of different Anamalz to collect and I’m sure over time Emily’s collection will grow rapidly.

Emily’s older cousins have Hama beads and it is always something that she has been interested in, however they are much to small for her. I found these bigger Hama Beads which are made for younger children. The Giant Gift set comes with everything you need to get started. There are approximately 900 assorted Maxi Hama Beads, Three Pegboards and some ironing paper. You simply place the beads onto the peg boards and then a adult irons them so they stick together.

This beautiful and bright drum makes the perfect gift for any toddler. Emily loves to create noise, and I’m sure we will regret thinking it was a good idea to allow her to have a drum. This cute drum has a beautiful little birds and hearts design on it. It comes with two drum sticks and a strap. It is the perfect gift to stimulate sense of rhythm in children.

Scratch Ball Track Circus
This circus themed ball track is a big hit with children. You simply push the balls through the opening at the top and watch on both sides how they roll down the metal tracks all around the circus tent. Ot comes with three large wooden balls which are very bright in colour and eye catching. This is the perfect gift for small children who are too small to play with marbles.

Scratch Circus truck
This beautiful bright shape sorting circus truck is the perfect gift for animal lovers. You simply put the circus animals in the wagon by putting them through the right hole. The seal has a magnet on the bottom so it can ride along the roof while the circus director is at the steering wheel. You can pull the string and away you go. To get the animals out of the wagon simply open the magnetic latch at the back.

Infacare Baby bath
In my opinion, no stocking would be complete without some smellies or bubble bath. This ultra mild baby bath is recommended by healthcare professionals and clinically tested to cleanse and protect your child's skin. Infacare is a family favourite, and now they do a night time baby bath which has a lovely scent to help babies relax and hopefully fall asleep at bedtime.

The Noddy WhoWhatWhere Tablet features in each episode of the new TV series Noddy, toyland detective. The Tablet helps Noddy and friends complete missions through various games. Children can now learn about numbers, colours, letters, instruments, shapes, and more whilst having lots of fun with the toyland gang. The Tablet helps children develop important learning skills such as hand eye coordination, sound recognition and imaginative role play.

The Paw Patrol Blazon is the perfect gift for any paw patrol fan. It features three different game modes – learning, quiz mode and sequence games. Children are able to discover shapes, numbers, colours and fun facts about their favourite pups. Children can play alone with this toy, or challenge their friends. The Blazon also features lights that allows little ones to play in the dark. The blazon is designed to help children develop important learning skills.

I have a little girl who is absolutely obsessed with Toy Story, she would watch the films over and over if we allowed her too. When I saw this gorgeous Buzz lightyear backpack I had to get it for her, It has the added bonus of doubling up as reins. The backpack comes with top-grab handle, adjustable straps and a 2 litre main compartment. This backpack is the perfect gift for a little one who adores Buzz. 

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