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As you may be aware I have a YouTube channel, which I do try to post to as often as I can. I am slacking lately when it comes to uploading though. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my content, and tips on promoting it. 

I was sent this infographic recently and I found it interesting. It was cleared by Toast TV, a leading company in TV advert production. The infographic is has their best pro-tips for creating videos for social media. Did you know that you can upload 45 minutes’ worth of video to Facebook? I didn’t, and it made me think about using Facebook more often to promote the videos I do create. I thought I would share my top tips, that I have learnt over the first year of creating YouTube videos – I am no expert though.

Be consistent

I have learnt this the hard way, if you don’t upload regularly, then how will your views know when to expect a new video? I have lost subscribers because I haven’t uploaded for say a 3-week period.


If your subscriber or viewer takes 2 minutes out of their day to comment on your video, then reply. There is more chance of them returning to your channel and watching more videos if you are engaging with them.

Use the description box

The first three lines of the description box show up above the SHOW MORE. Make sure you put your social media links, in there. Also, the first line should always be about the video, how can someone decide if the video is for them if they don’t know what it is about?

So, what are your top tips? I would love to hear them.

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  1. This is helpful! I am hoping to post more in the new year and sort out some sort of schedule for Youtube.

    Hope you're ok, just noticed you haven't posted in a while which isn't like you! xxx


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