The Importance Of Road Safety

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a new road safety online game with Emily. The game is a quiz created by accidental advicehelpline, it is a quiz which Is made up of 8 questions. Road safety is so important, and something I often teach Emily when we are out and about. At two years, old she knows all about the green and red men on the traffic lights and gets very frustrated at strangers who cross without waiting for the green man. I think that it is so important to teach our children about road safety, how are they going to learn without our guidance?

I was impressed with the game; it is really easy to follow and is made up of questions. While Emily isn’t old enough to read the questions herself, I was happy to read them too her. She was very interested in part-taking because she could use the mouse and make the little boy walk down the road whenever she got the right answer. Although she didn’t know lots of the answers it was a great way to introduce her to road safety, and I will continue to use the game as she gets older, and more aware.

Another way I got Emily interested in road safety, was sounds. I know it sounds silly but while I am out and about I would ask Emily, what can you hear? What vehicle is that? She would happily reply with car, or bus. She would also tell me what noise the vehicle made, such as nee nah nee nah, or brum brum. I honestly think it is such a valuable lesson to teach our children.

What are your top tips on teaching a child about road safety?

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