Picking & Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is well and truly over now, and we are well on our way into November – how did it go so quick? And oh, my god it is nearly Christmas, I’m so excited but unprepared. Anyway, I am going off topic, before we completely leave Halloween behind us I wanted to share some of the pictures I captured over the last few days with you. Emily has absolutely loved Halloween, mainly because she loves dressing up and her favourite colours – purple and orange – are everywhere. Also, because she got to pick her own pumpkins.

We took her back to the same farm this year as we went last year, and the year prior to that. As much as I would like to take her to a pumpkin patch I don’t want to break tradition, and we also don’t have one very close. Non-the less we got some cute pumpkins. Emily was so insistent on carrying her own pumpkin, and I managed to recreate a picture of Emily and her Dadda, which melted my heart a little to see just how much she has grown. You really do forget how little they once were. 

Emily’s pumpkin was so small, I didn’t even attempt to carve it, I also didn’t have the heart to ask her to pick another, as she carried it all by herself and was so pleased with her choice. She was quite happy for it not to be carved though. For the other pumpkin, I asked what she would like and she requested buzz and woody, so that is what I tried my best to create. I must admit, it was a little tricky, but I am really proud of how it turned out. Going to stop talking now, enjoy the pictures.

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