Advent Calendars

With only 3 weeks till the start of December I have started to think about advent calendars. I am usually the person who is unorganized and ends up picking whichever one is left in the shop days before December. Emily has a WOW toys advent calendar last year and really liked it, so I wanted to get her a good one. There are so many options this year that I thought I would share my favourite advent calendars with you.

Autumn Themed Playdough

Last year we made homemade autumn themed playdough, and I thought I would give it ago this year again. Emily loves playdough, she constantly asks to play with it and it is one activity I know she can never get bored of. To make the playdough autumn themed I add some spice to the recipe. I used cinnamon, and ginger. Emily and I also picked some leaves on our walk, to then include it in the activity. Emily loved to roll the playdough in balls and then push it down with a leaf. She also enjoyed smelling the playdough.

Lemon Cheesecake

We were recently given the opportunity to taste test some biscuits from the independent range, this is the brand owned by costcutter. While we often shop at costcutter I have never tried any of their biscuits, I always find myself reaching for the well-known brands. The range includes chocolate chip cookies, jaffa cakes, caramel wafers as well as some of the more staple biscuits such as rich teas and digestives. We decided to test out some digestives by making a cheese cake. We are big fans of cheese cake in our household so it was a great use of the biscuits, in our opinion.

Tips For Creating Videos

As you may be aware I have a YouTube channel, which I do try to post to as often as I can. I am slacking lately when it comes to uploading though. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my content, and tips on promoting it. 

I was sent this infographic recently and I found it interesting. It was cleared by Toast TV, a leading company in TV advert production. The infographic is has their best pro-tips for creating videos for social media. Did you know that you can upload 45 minutes’ worth of video to Facebook? I didn’t, and it made me think about using Facebook more often to promote the videos I do create. I thought I would share my top tips, that I have learnt over the first year of creating YouTube videos – I am no expert though.

Picking & Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is well and truly over now, and we are well on our way into November – how did it go so quick? And oh, my god it is nearly Christmas, I’m so excited but unprepared. Anyway, I am going off topic, before we completely leave Halloween behind us I wanted to share some of the pictures I captured over the last few days with you. Emily has absolutely loved Halloween, mainly because she loves dressing up and her favourite colours – purple and orange – are everywhere. Also, because she got to pick her own pumpkins.

The Importance Of Road Safety

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a new road safety online game with Emily. The game is a quiz created by accidental advicehelpline, it is a quiz which Is made up of 8 questions. Road safety is so important, and something I often teach Emily when we are out and about. At two years, old she knows all about the green and red men on the traffic lights and gets very frustrated at strangers who cross without waiting for the green man. I think that it is so important to teach our children about road safety, how are they going to learn without our guidance?
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