Saving for Christmas

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Christmas is approaching fast, and I am happy to say I have brought nearly all my presents, there are just a few people who I need to finish, for example Emily’s stocking gifts and presents for grandparents. That aside I have done the bulk of it, and I’m pretty proud of myself. 

Emily’s stocking is the one thing I leave till last because I enjoy putting it together. So far I have a little people duo princess set, a little library book set, some gold chocolate coins and a mini jigsaw puzzle. I’m hoping to include a DVD, and something else, although nothing has yet caught my eye.

I have a lot of people ask how I manage to save money on my Christmas shopping and the truth Is I shop around. I use sites that give me money back on my purchases and have found a few good deals on Groupon. Such as an experience day out, and some perfume. At first I was a little wary about buying gifts online, I much prefer to buy things in store as I can physically see what I am buying, but I have since come to terms with the fact it is so much cheaper, and faster to purchase gifts online. There is also the added advantage of cutting postage cost, as you can send the gift directly to the recipient, most places offer a gift wrap service. This has saved me so much money! I have some family who live in Scotland, and being able to send it directly to their home, has saved lots of time and money.

So, no matter what you are looking for, hop on over to Groupon Goods because they have everything from toys, to wine, to clothing, to electronics and everything in between. Also, sign up to a site that gives you money back on your shopping!

What are your top tips on saving for Christmas?

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