Halloween Drinks

With Halloween, fast approaching I thought I would put together some tasty Halloween themed drinks! I have made mocktails and fun themed drinks with Emily before and she has always enjoyed creating them with me. So, I thought why not make the most of Halloween and make some more! Since I made these drinks with a toddler I wanted to keep them as simple as possible.

Pumpkin Floats
These fab looking pumpkin floats are super simple to make, and taste really yummy – if you have a sweet tooth. Simple add some Fanta orange into a glass or cup of your choice, I used these mason glasses and drew pumpkin faces on them. Top them with vanilla ice cream and your good to go.

Hot Chocolate Ghouls Eyes
Again, this is another simple one, make some hot chocolate, I used hot milk and chocolate, but of course you can use a sachet of hot chocolate and add hot water. I then topped the drink with marshmallows and pushed malteasers in the middle of the marshmallows to make them look like eyes. This was Emily’s favourite drink out of them all.

Wizards potion
This one is simple to the mocktails I have previously made. I added sprite into a glass and added grenadine. It turned the drink a bright red. I also added a drop of food colouring to another glass of sprite and apple juice, to turn it a green colour. These drinks are super fun to make and every child loves having coloured drinks.

So, what do you think?

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