Emily's Bedroom & Bed Decisions

As you may know Emily has been in a toddler bed for quite a while now, we made the decision to move her across to a bed a little while ago as she kept climbing over her cot railings. It was far too dangerous for my liking – I’m sure my little girl wants to be a stunt person! It was a pretty easy transition if I am honest. We simply took Emily’s cot sides off and transformed her bed into a cot bed. While I was changing it, I thought to myself ‘I’m so glad I brought a cot bed – I’ve saved myself a good chunk of money here’.

The thing is, I really haven’t. Emily has a box all the way around the room, boxing in hot water pipes. They are ugly and I hate them but they stop her from burning herself. There is one wall where these boxes don’t run. So I decided to move Emily’s room around and put her bed on that one wall, because then I could push the bed right against the wall, and she would have much more room to play, and it would open up her room a little better. While it looks lovely, the bed really just needs replacing. Because it used to be a cot, the headboard is the height of a cot side, this means as soon as Emily stands up and leans on it, it becomes very wobbly. It just doesn’t look safe and really bothers me. We have tightened it numerous times, and it has made little to no difference.

So I have been thinking of getting Emily a new bed, I have been looking at some gorgeous toddler beds on Room To Grow. They have a really pretty white bed, which looks really simple, but I know it will fit perfectly in Emily’s bedroom. The bed I was looking at was the Trendy Shorty bed. It would make an ideal first bed, it comes with both front and rear safety railings, which would mean I could take of Emily’s mesh bed side – which is such an eye sore. It is also in a white colour, and would go perfectly with her bedroom. After having a read about the Trendy shorty bed, I learned it could also be converted into a full size single bed, so surly that would fix my problem?

That then lead me to stray into the single bed section. Emily is currently two, realistically this toddler bed may last her till she is 5? I might be better off just buying her a single bed and cutting out the toddler bed. Surly I would save myself money? This then leads me to tons of questions and worries. What if the bed is too big, what if Emily doesn’t like it, what if it’s too big for my little toddler? Do I get her a single bed or a toddler bed?

I would love to hear what you guys have to say, did you move your little one into a toddler bed, or a single bed? Am I overthinking it all?

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