Coach Hire Services: 5 advantages that will change the way you sight-see

Edinburgh is one place that is really close to my heart, it is the place where my Grandad grew up, and I have a lot of good memories of touring the city with him during my childhood. It is also a place I really want to take Emily, I want her to get to know the place that holds a lot of memories for me, but also some of our family history. I have been looking at planning a trip to Edinburgh for our holiday next year as it is such a beautiful place, and there is so much to do. 

You are never too far from a cultural attraction in Edinburgh, and there is plenty to do. I remember walking down George street spying in all the shops with my Grandad. I also remember climbing Scott monument, did you know there is 287 steps to the top of Scott monument, and from the top you can enjoy breath taking views of Edinburgh.

I have been thinking about hiring a coach to take Emily, and some other members of our family on a tour around Scotland, as much as I want to show them the sights in Edinburgh, I also want to explore some other parts of Scotland that I have never seen before. So I thought that I would share with you some advantages of coach hire in Edinburgh.

You can travel with friends and family
We are planning on going with a fairly big size group of people, so hiring a coach seems like the most practical thing to do. Being in a group also means that there will be quite a lot of luggage, not to mention the toys, books and jigsaws that you have to take with you to keep a toddler happy. Lugging it around isn’t going to be fun, at least with a coach you will have space to store the luggage while you are exploring.

Happy toddler equals happy parents
Having somewhere to keep the children contained and content is key to a happy parent. There is nothing worse than having a tantruming toddler, and that can be brought on by being over tired. I think sometimes we forget that little feet can’t always keep up with us. A coach trip can be a fun experience for them, and for the slightly older child you can make fun games for them, like things to spot while they are on their journey.

More affordable
Lots of people choose to use public transport while they are exploring the cities, but this can actually turn out to be a really expensive. With a coach trip you only have to pay the initial cost, which you can split between the group and that is it. The money you save can then be used for attractions, and entry fees.

Seeing beautiful sights in comfort and luxury
A coach ride gives you more opportunity to take your time and take in the sights. I know that my better half misses most of the beautiful sights as he is driving, hiring a coach will give him the ability to see more of the sights. The coach is also a lot higher than other vehicles which gives you a much better view of the city you are exploring.

It is safer
when you are traveling to a place that you have never been before, you may feel unsure of the roads which will make you feel unsafe. With coach travel you are being driven around by a professional driver who is local to the area. They know exactly where they are going, which will give you peace of mind that you will not get lost.

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