Baby Annabell Review

Emily was recently given the opportunity to review a BabyAnnabell doll, and I was so excited for her. She has got to that adorable stage where she wants to look after everything, and give them all her love and attention. As soon as Baby Annabell arrived, Emily couldn’t wait to play with her. She immediately gave her kisses and cuddles.

Baby Annabell is almost like a real baby with her life like functions. She responds to touch, and can cry real tears. She also loves her bottle. Baby Annabell came with a romper suit and hat. She also has her very own bib, a bottle, dummy, little locket and a nappy that Emily immediately wanted to put on her. She was so sweet with Annabell and wanted me to teach her how to put the nappy on.

Baby Annabell of course needs lots of sleep, one of Emily’s favourite things to do with her, was to gently rock and sway her. After a little while she began to close her eyes and fall asleep. Emily was delighted, she kept saying ‘mama baby sleeping’. Once she wakes of course she needs feeding, when you give her the bottle, baby Annabell moves her mouth and eyes as she sucks – just like a real baby does.

Emily wanted to take Annabell to meet nanny so that is exactly what she did. While we were there Emily showed Annabell the garden, she pushed her around in her stroller and showed her all of the pretty flowers. Emily is so kind and caring towards Annabell I am sure that one day she will be amazing big sister whenever the time comes.

She also wanted me to teach her how to change her nappy. She was so intrigued as to how it went on. Baby Annabell comes with 1 little nappy but you can buy a pack of nappies separately. Emily has been attempting to redo her nappy since I showed her the first time, and has finally got the hang of it.

Baby Annabell is a well-loved addition to our household. Emily loves to take her to bed and cover her over with blankets, and loves to feed her and rock her to sleep. I’m sure that Emily will play with baby Annabell for some years to come. 

With a new bedroom, a new app, a new friend and even a new wetting function, Baby Annabell - the number one nurturing doll in the UK - is even more fun this autumn. Make sure that you check her out!

- I was sent the product for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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