7 Top Tips For Attending a Firework Display With a Young Child

It’s almost 5th November – bonfire night and that means It is time for fireworks displays and bonfires! It is a fun event that is marked in the diary of many families up and down the country. However, with children, it can often be a source of distress. The loud noises and flashing lights can be a challenge for some little children, so it is important to think ahead and avoid the unexpected.

Be prepared, before you use fireworks explain what happens on bonfire night, show them videos so they know what to expect.

Light fireworks safely. If you decide to avoid public displays and buy fireworks online or in a supermarket, make sure that you think it through first. Fireworks can travel up to 150mph, it is really important to be safe when you are lighting them. Adults should be the only people to handle the fireworks, and you need to make sure that children, well everyone nearby is standing well back. Light the firework and immediately walk away.

Make sure you wrap up warm. Being outside during November can be cold. Whilst it might feel cosy with the glow from the bonfire, don’t forget to wrap up warm. Wear hats, scarves, gloves and thick coats. These are essential as you will be standing around in the dark and cold for some time.

Lessen the noise. Babies and toddlers have really sensitive ears, and the noise of fireworks will probably be the loudest noise they have ever heard. If fireworks are being set off in a small space such as a garden it is best to keep them inside and let them watch from the window. If you are attending a firework display you can always buy ear muffs or ear defenders.

Avoid alcohol. Its estimated that people will drink alcohol at most firework parties held at home. This can increase your risk of injury, if you are attending a bonfire or setting off fireworks, you should avoid alcohol altogether. Ensure that the people who are in charge of fireworks displays are not drinking. Once it is finished, you are free to drink!

Make sure you buy the right fireworks. Lots of shops pop up around bonfire night where you can buy fireworks. Signs pop up saying ‘fireworks for sale’ so make sure that any you buy are designed for home use, and are suitable for the size of your garden. Don’t be tempted to buy cheaper imported fireworks just to save money, they might not be safe.

Make sure you have water nearby. Have a bucket or hose on standby in case any of the fireworks cause accidents. It always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you also soak the firework leftovers in water before throwing them away.

Fireworks are beautiful and they are meant to be enjoyed, there is no reason you can’t take your children to a firework display and enjoy yourself. Just remember that staying safe is so important.

What are your top tips? I would love to hear them.

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