6 Things I Wish I Knew In My First Year Of Parenting.

When I found out I was pregnant with Emily, I denied it for a while, 3 prior miscarriages and I didn’t want to get my hopes up to be destroyed again. It wasn’t until I was 20 weeks pregnant that I started to actually accept I was going to be a mama, something I wanted for so so long. Although I played it down, and acted like nothing was going on, I did a ridiculous amount of reading when I was pregnant, I read so many articles and parenting blogs on birth stories and motherhood. I even watched a few YouTube videos – I wouldn’t advise watching birth videos before going into labour, you will terrify yourself.

I thought that I would share with you, 6 things I wish I knew during my first year of motherhood. Sure there are plenty of other things I wish I knew, but these are the ones that I wish I listened to.

1. You are going to suck and be amazing at parenting at the same time. You will wake up to a different child every morning, they will change, and develop, and their mood will randomly change in a matter of minutes. There is going to be good days and bad days, focus on the good ones! Be kind to yourself, you are depended on, and so loved. Your baby is going to need you constantly, and drain the life out of you, you will forget what sleep is, but I guarantee a year later you will look back and miss those sleepless nights where you could just hold your baby in your arms, and look into their eyes. You got this.

2. Take advantage of the nap times. It wasn’t until I had Emily that I really recognised how important nap time is. If your child keeps you awake all night, sleep when they do, take advantage of it – the housework can wait. If they fall asleep on you, stay put. Cherish the snuggles because it really isn’t worth risking waking them up.

3. A smile, giggle, cuddle or kiss from your baby can change your mood instantly. We all have bad days, days where we don’t want to get up, we feel too tired to get up and carry on. A smile from your child will completely change how you feel, it will give you that boost you need to just get out there and carry on.

5. Don’t listen to anyone else. There is always going to be a friend, a stranger, or a family member who is amazing at parenting and knows what’s best. It’s not true. There is no perfect mother or father. Parenting is hard, and it is different for everyone. We all have an individual style of parenting and that’s fine. I cannot tell you how many times I was told I was doing the wrong thing for my baby, even though I knew it was right. ‘you’re not winding her right, she’s got trapped wind, that’s why she’s so upset’ actually no, she has reflux, and that is why she’s so upset, because It hurts. I finally realised, I know what is best for my baby, I know her best. I know what cry means what, what her favourite toy and food is. My partner and I were and are still the only experts on our baby, we know what she likes and doesn’t like. While other people’s advice is nice and it is nice that they care – you do not have to listen to it. You do not have to model your life, and parenting skills on any particular model – there are no rules to follow just do what feels natural and you will be great.

6. Postpartum bodies are horrible. They are different and strange, none of your clothes will suit you, and you will have squishy and wobbly bits. It takes a while for your body to go back to the way it was pre pregnancy. Don’t rush, let your body heal, you carried a baby. You will find your style again eventually. You made a human and there is nothing more special than that.

6. Treasure the first year, it goes so quickly.

The first year is always the toughest, but the most rewarding. It is where you find your feet and grow the most as a person, enjoy it. I felt inspired to write this post, as ketchup is turning one! The first birthday or first year are always the most important. So enjoy your first year.

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