Yumbox Review

A while back we were sent out the YumBox mini, and Emily absolutely love it. It came in really handy to pop in my changing bag for Emily’s snacks, I also loved the fact it was leak proof. The only thing that was bothering me was how small it was, the more I used it the more I wished it was bigger. I was recently given the opportunity to test out the original YumBox, and I couldn’t wait as I knew I would love it just as much as I loved the mini. I decided to go with a purple one, as that is Emily’s favourite colour. It is available in several colours though.

Inside the box is a removable inner tray, which is made of clear plastic, this makes washing up the lunch box a dream, it also has a silicone lining on the lid, this is designed to form a seal over the compartments when it is sealed, making it leak-proof like I mentioned before. Just like the mini YumBox it has a clasp on the front which keeps the box together, I like that it is quite a chunky clip as Emily is able to open and close it herself with ease.

The compartments have labels with the main food groups, dairy, protein, fruit, vegetable and grains, and there is an extra little compartment which I use for dips or treats. The pictures in the purple YumBox are really cute, and are Paris themed. The compartments fit in with the UK Eatwell plate recommendation too. I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I could actually fit in the compartments; they are a lot bigger than I initially thought.
I am in love with the YumBox, so much so I actually want to get myself one. The leak-proof design is perfect when you are out with toddlers, I can add yogurt into the compartment and not worry about it spilling everywhere. The box is also quite sturdy, and withstands a drop from a toddler – which all parents know is a must! I have found that it also fits perfectly inside Emily’s lunch bag, with room for a water bottle.

Emily is not a sandwich person, she is more a picky/buffet lunch person, so this style of lunchbox is perfect for her. A standard sandwich for example wouldn’t fit unless they were cut into small parts, this isn’t a problem for us as Emily has half a slice of bread crust less and cut into smaller pieces. It is perfect for bento foods such as rice, meats and vegetables. I have been enjoying the little dip compartment for Emily, I can fill it up with sauce or humus and then add veggie sticks and some fruit. She loves having the independence of having her own dip, and I don’t have to worry about her picking up the little pot and dropping it.

Overall I am really impressed with the YumBox and have recommended it to lots of Emily’s friends mums. I would say it is definitely worth the RRP price of £24.95 and couldn’t be without it now.

 - I was sent this product for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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