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Emily was recently given the opportunity to review the new London range by WOW toys, it is a brand that I adore, and Emily has many of their sets. So of course, I said yes. The London range is made up of three toys, London bus Leo, Taxi Ted and the palace guard's. We recently featured Taxi Ted in our toddler gift guide, but I wanted to go into more detail as Emily really adores the toys.

London bus Leo is the most played with out of the set. You are able to sort the six shapes into holes by shape and colour, you simply slot the shapes through roof openings of the bus. The bus also comes with a conductor in the drivers seat, you can use the driver’s hand to push the magic button, which then opens the compartment to retrieve the shapes. Leo is a friction powered bus who can whizz around the city of London with his speedy motorised engine. Emily adores Leo, she loves to tell anyone who will listen what each of the shapes are called, and what colour they are. The London bus inspires imaginative and creative role-play.

London Taxi ted, is a smaller vehicle, but he is equally as fun. You can take passengers around London in style with Taxi Ted. You are able to use the driver figure’s hand to push the magic button which hen opens Ted’s roof. This will give you access to the inside of the vehicle meaning you can safely put the drive and tourist into their seats. When everyone is safely strapped in, you can push ted along and watch as his motorised engine gets them to their next destination.

Last but not least is the palace guard’s, this role-play London guard set finishes off the set in my opinion. The palace guards will be found all around London keeping watch. You have beefeater john who protects the crown jewels at the tower of London, while the queen’s foot guard Hugo can be found marching in and out of his sentry box at Buckingham palace. Household cavalry soldier Alexander can be found proudly trotting on his horse at the horse guards parade. You can remove him from his horse too. The 5-piece set includes 3 figures, 1 cavalry horse, and a sentry box.

Overall I was really impressed with the range, as was Emily. She has really enjoyed playing with the toys individually as well as a set. The brilliant thing about this set is there are no batteries required – as with all WOW toys products. You can simply push the car along with your hands and it will make a sound. It is also very colourful and durable. Emily has dropped the bus and taxi and they haven’t broken or cracked. Another thing that I really like is you can create your own scene using the box. The London set is an introduction to real world themes, and I can’t wait to take Emily to London when she is a little older to show her the sights. 

 - I was sent this product for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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