Tips To Get Through A Bad Day

As a regular reader you will know I fight daily with depression and anxiety, I have never hidden from the topic, and have frequently shared my ups and downs with you - my readers. One thing I get asked on a regular basis is how do you cope on a bad day, what makes you get through it or even turn the day around. It actually got me thinking, what do I do to get through. So I thought I would share my top tips to get through a bad day.

Get outside
As a Mama, I can’t just stay in bed when the day is tough and everything is telling me to stay in bed, I have to pull myself out of bed and get on with the day. When you have depression that can sometimes be the hardest thing in the world, but on those days to say to myself ‘Yes I’m depressed, but I can be depressed outside’. I get up, get dressed, and get out as soon as I can. Once I’m outside I feel down for a little bit, but I soon pick up. It is very hard to stay depressed when the fresh air hits your face, or your focused is shifted to something else – like watching your toddler bolt for the swings.

Listen to a positive playlist
This one may seem a little daft, but honestly don’t knock it until you have tried it. Music can affect you without you even realising, I’m sure everyone has a song that reminds them of something, weather that is a wedding song, funeral song, or even a song that reminds you of a first kiss. I have compiled a list of songs, that are typically upbeat, light-hearted and positive on my phone. On the days where I am struggling, I simply put the playlist on, and carry on with my jobs. In no time I’m boogying away with Emily in the kitchen and feeling 10x better than I was. Music is so unbelievably powerful, don’t underestimate it.

Write a to-do-list
It really is hard to snap out of a depressed mood when you have about 50 thoughts circling your mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed writing a to-do-list can be really helpful. Put down your phone, and reach for the pen and paper. Sometimes it feels good to actually write, you can then stick your list somewhere where you will come back and look at it, for me that is usually the fridge, just because I’m in and out of it all day filling up Emily’s water and making lunch. It feels good to get organised, and once you have a list, you can focus on the important things, and everything else can wait. There is also something really satisfying about ticking it off once you have completed it.

Give someone a cuddle
For me this is usually Emily, sometimes I forget how small she is and how much she still needs me. When Emily randomly comes up to me and wraps her arms around me, my heart melts, and despite how rubbish I may feel about myself, I know she doesn’t seem me that way. The thing with depression is it can tint the way you see yourself, you may think you’re doing an awful job, but the truth is – you probably are doing great.

Forgive yourself
No one is perfect, and anyone who tells you they are perfect is seeing fairies. There is no right or wrong with parenting, and if someone else doesn’t agree with your parenting style – that’s fine. You probably won’t agree with theirs either. I always remind myself, Emily loves me, stop being so hard on yourself, forgive yourself, and try again. It’s the only way to move forward. By persevering, you are actually setting a good role model for your child – and that is something alone to feel good about.

So these are some of my top tips. Be sure to let me know yours, and remember ‘You got this’.


  1. What a gorgeous photo of you and Emily! Some fab tips here too lovely! I find when I'm in a depressed mood it is very hard to shake off and it's not always easy to snap out of either. I write to-do lists all the time and it definitely helps clear my mind. I need to try the positive play list though, as music can really affect my mood x

  2. Some brilliant tips here! I love the idea of a positive playlist, I'll have to make one. What songs are on yours? Xx


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