Summer Bucket List Recap

The end of summer is so close, with September 22nd marking the start of autumn. While I am glad to be saying hello to autumn and winter, with big snuggly coats, hats, and hot chocolate. Most importantly Halloween and Christmas, I am sad to see summer go. I put together a summer bucket list back in June of the things I wanted to do over summer, while I didn’t manage to tick them all of, we did get a fair few done and I wanted to share them with you! I had so much fun creating this bucket list, and it actually helped me stay more focused and rather than saying 'what shall we do this weekend?' and wasting a day, we actually picked something off the list, and went out to do it!

Plant flowers on the balcony
Have a mama/daughter date 
Visit a new park/lake 
Take a boat ride
Bake together 
Buy Emily a ice cream from the ice cream van 
Capture as much of the summer in photographs or on film 
Have a BBQ 
Go on a picnic 
Play with chalks 
Take Emily swimming 
Build sandcastles 
Go camping
Create a fingerprint master piece 
Go and see a show 
Get Emily a beach ball for the beach 
Make our own afternoon tea 
Have a pub meal 
Pick our own strawberries
Go on holiday 
Hop over the waves at the beach 
Collect Shells
Go to the sea life centre. 

What did you get up to this summer, I would love to hear about it. I can't wait to put together my Autumn bucket list


  1. Alllllll the heart eyes for your actual list. Wish I was artistic. You pretty much completed the list- sounds like a fab summer! x

  2. such a nice bucket list for summer. Glad you got to do most of it!

  3. That's a lovely idea. I often think we just waste days away so I think I'll make an autumn one.

  4. You ticked off a lot.
    I can't wait for Halloween. One of my favourite times of the year.

  5. Aww it looks like you had a wonderful summer. Well done on getting so many ticked off xx


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