Respecting Our Older Generation #BreakingBarriers

Our world has a funny way of looking at our older generation, it seems to be an assumption that 30 is your golden age, and if you haven't achieved what you want to achieve by then, you're never going to do so. Realistically that isn't the case, my grandfather taught me a great deal about age. He taught me that it is just a number and you’re never too old to do something you love. Just because we get older doesn't mean that we stop achieving, doing the things we love, or being creative. I remember my Grandad running around the park with us when we were younger, he would never just sit there and watch, he was always involved and was one of my biggest inspirations in life. He sadly passed away when he was just 62, it goes to show age doesn't determine how long your here on earth for. He was actually the reason I pursued a career in elderly care. I love working with the elderly, they always have a story to tell, and teach you the most fascinating things.

I think the key to viewing getting older, is not to view it at all. We are all the same no matter our age, and I am a strong believer that you are as old as you feel. My Grandmother has been a massive inspiration to me, despite becoming a widow in 2009, she pushed forward. She felt loneliness and she began to feel cut off from the world - and of course she was entitled to feel that way. She had just lost her husband, partner, soul mate and best friend. Despite feeling that bite of loneliness she got herself out there. She joined a group, she goes to a bingo group once a week with her friends and she has learnt how to do many things using her computer. Both Emily and I are lucky enough to be surrounded by an inspiring bunch of the older generation. Despite being 74, Emily's great-grandad still works 4 12-hour shift in a row, a week. He still runs around the garden and plays football with her. Emily's great-nan is happy to play with her whenever she gets the chance, and Emily adores them both.

Bathing solutions are a company who find imaginative and innovative ways to help the older generation maintain their independence. They were one of the first companies to specialise in the supply and installation of bathrooms specifically designed for the mature customer, and many of their products are made in their own UK factory. They also have some fab ideas in their Breaking Barriers guide, which aims to assist the elderly in becoming more active socially. There is a whole heap of information and it is definitely worth a read if you are concerned about a relative.

Just a little food for thought...
For one of the first times in history we are about to see the number of our senior generations surpass that of the youth, with those 65 and up making up 15.6% of the global population by 2050. Advances in our healthcare and standards of living have improved quality and length of life for the older generation, but it has us asking 'why does society often cast off its seniors as 'incapable' or 'unable' to learn a new skill?

Will you be encouraging your family to do like mine does? To look at age as just a number. I would love to see how you and your family are #BreakingBarriers

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  1. Love this! Age really is just a number at the end of the day and it shouldn't stop you doing things you want to do x


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