Picking A Sandpit For Emily

As you may or may not know, we currently live in a flat and hate it. We will be soon moving to a house, so Emily will finally have that garden that she wants and needs so badly, with that in mind we have started to consider garden furniture for her. Eventually we want to get her a big wooden playset, with swings and a side, but that won’t be until next year – maybe her 3rd birthday. I have been looking at sandpits though, and while there is nothing wrong with a plastic one, I would like her to have a wooden one. That way it won’t get damaged, or cracked. After having a good shop around I stumbled upon a site called Wickey, they have tons of beautiful products such as playhouses, sandpits and climbing frames. 

We decided to go with the sandpit Flippey. There were many reasons we picked this one, but the main reason was that the lid is hinged, this means it also serves as a bench. I thought that was such a great idea, Emily would have somewhere to sit while she played. It would also be good for Sam and I as we would be able to sit on the bench and watch her play, we would be able to join in when and if she wanted/needed us.

The sandpit is fairly big, and comes with all the necessary screws and hinges meaning you can put it together with ease. The instructions are also straight forward to follow. The bench lid also protects the sand from all types of weather, this is another one of my favourite features, just because you don’t have to keep constantly replacing the sand! I can’t wait for the move to go through so I can get it out and let Emily play in it. I’ll be sure to show you some pictures and things once she is able to get it out! 

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  1. Aah this sandpit looks fab! I'd love one like this for Sophie x


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