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Emily had a mad hatter tea party on Saturday, with a few of her little friends. I searched for ages for things to go into her party bags, as I didn't want to go with the typical party bag things that would get chucked in the bin or broken quickly. I looked online for ages for blog posts about toddler party bags and couldn't really find anything, so I figured I would share with you what I put inside Emily's party bags.

I opted for plain blue paper bags, which are actually the same colour as Alice's dress. I got these from Party Ideas UK, and they are the perfect size for toddlers. I got these personalised vintage Alice stickers. These stickers provided the perfect touch to the party bags, and also kept the bags sealed. 

I picked up these bubbles from Party bags and supplies. They came in a pack of 16 and were pretty cheap. I found a pack of 6 books on the same website too, they were called 'fun to learn', I divided the pack and put one in each party bag. You can't actually see a picture of the book because Emily stole it from her party bag before I got a chance to get a picture. I also added some haribo and lolly pops to the party bag. 

Emily is obsessed with stickers, so it seemed natural to add a pack of stickers, these wildlife stickers were from Amazon, and cost me about 80p for 12 packets. I also added a punch balloons, more for me than the children. I remember having these when I was a child and being obsessed with them. I then added two organix goodies mini oat bars, Emily loves these and they are so handy to just pop in your bag. The final thing I added was a mini tub of play-doh plus. I love these small tubs as they are the perfect size to pop in your bag when you are heading out.

What did you put in your little ones party bag?

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  1. Balloon, bubbles and birthday cake are our favourites to add to a party bag!
    I am loving the Alice themed stickers.


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