My Favourite Moment From Travelling

It's 1am, and I am wide awake looking through holiday photographs. The truth is, as amazing as our first holiday as a family of three was, it was a new place to explore that me and Sam had never been too. Also, Emily was a tiny little dot, and she didn't really understand what was going on. She was just six months old, and at that age they just want to be somewhere familiar. I'm sure we had more sleepless nights on that little get away, than we did during the new-born days. It was nice to make memories as a new family of three, but this year we played it safe and returned to a place both me and Sam love. Our go to holiday place - Hemsby.

Hemsby is the place that holds lots of memories for me and Sam. It was the first place we decided to go a little mini break as a couple. It was also the place we visited when I was heavily pregnant, and couldn't make it more than a ten minute walk down the beach. That summer felt like the hottest summer of my life! Since then we have been returning there ever since. With Emily being slightly older this year, she was able to take it all in, enjoy the atmosphere and really explore the beach. She loved running up and down the beach, splashing in the sea, and playing in the tacky UK amusements that we all know and love. While it wasn't a visit to anywhere fancy, or abroad. It will forever be one of my most treasured holidays.

It was on this holiday that Emily got over her fear of the Sea, and once she got over that fear we couldn't get her out. She was content to sit in the sea, jump over waves and splash about for hours on end. We literally had to bribe her out of the water, and that only lasted for a short while. It was on this holiday that we ate our weight in ice cream, and made the memories that I'm sure will last a lifetime. It was on this holiday that I watched with pride as my daughter learned lots of new things, and got over her fears. She really blossomed and became fiercely independent in the short week we were there. This will forever be one of my favourite moments.

My ultimate favourite moment from travelling, has to be the car journey home. The whole way Emily asked her dadda to stop, and kept saying 'no home' and 'my sea' because she missed the sea, beach and fun she was having. It's sad when holidays come to an end, but so lovely that this day in age we have the technology to capture our memories on camera, and look back on them - just as I am doing now.

I'm hoping that this will be the start of a new tradition for us as a family, I'm hoping that while we are able to explore lots of different counties and places in the future - Hemsby will always be the one we come back to, and our most loved.

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