Mad Hatter Tea Party

Emily's birthday isn't until Monday 12th, but I wanted to throw her a little tea party. I have to be honest, it didn't exactly go to plan. I made these beautiful Alice in wonderland inspired invitations, and then ended up texting everyone two days before the party to change the venue. Last year I didn't plan any kind of party for Emily, which lead me to feel a tiny bit out of my depth this year - I'm sure every parent feels like this the first time they plan a children's party. Luckily Emily is way too young to notice if anything was out of place, or if I missed anything. As far as she was concerned, there was a slide, her friends and a buffet. She was happy.

Mad Hatter Sign
Emily's two favourite films are Frozen, and Alice in wonderland. So naturally I wanted to incorporate one of those. I feel like Frozen is so popular, and everyone does a Frozen birthday party, Alice on the other hand is a classic, and a film that not many children have ever seen. Since her party was going to be quite small, I decided to go for a Mad Hatter Tea Party. In Alice in wonderland there is an iconic seen where the Hatter and Hare are having a 'very very un-birthday' and Alice sits down to join in without being invited only to realise it was her un-birthday too. Since Emily's tea party wasn't on her actual birthday, I figured an un-birthday tea party would suit her perfectly. It also happens to be one of Emily’s favourite scenes in the film, that has her giggling throughout.

When I started looking for Alice decorations, I was actually pretty surprised at the number of things I found. Party Ideas UK are a website that was set up to help plan parties, share ideas and inspiration for food and games, as well as providing party supplies. I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have on their website, and it was actually where we got the bulk of Emily’s party d├ęcor from. We actually got Emily's party bags, and personalised stickers from there to, you can view that post here. We decided to go with a vintage Alice theme and do all of the food ourselves.

Toni (for those of you who don't already know, Toni is my best friend, Emily's godmother) and I stayed up till 2am the night before Emily's party making all of the party food. The thing that actually was the most time consuming was her cake. We decided to go four a four tier multi-coloured cake. We then decided to add buttercream and cover it in sprinkles. Toni found this gorgeous happy un-birthday personalised cake topper on Party Ideas UK, which just finished the cake off. While the cake looks amazing, and tasted amazing - it did take us a good 1-2 hours to make, as we had to keep stopping to let the buttercream refrigerate. We also made sandwiches, mini pizzas, sausages, sausage rolls, chicken bites, and jam tarts. We also had a selection of fruit and vegetables such as cucumber sticks, tomatoes, carrot sticks and humus on some adorable playing card themed plates. My favourite thing we made had to be the cupcakes though, we decided to do a two tone buttercream and base them on a part of the film, where the Queen of Hearts has Alice paint all the white roses red. I loved the way they turned out, and have to say a lot of love went into those cakes. (big thanks to my bestie!).

When we got to the party it was just a case of putting up all of the decorations, they looked fab and it really was the small touches that made the whole thing come together, such as the drink me tags attached to the water bottles. I also got sent this beautiful cake stand by Party Pieces, it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Inside of being a traditional round cake stand, each cupcake had its own stand and it was filled with quotes from the film, and little hanging pictures of Alice, and various other characters.

The main highlight of the party for me was that Emily had an amazing time, while it wasn’t a big out their party, and there was no bouncy castle or anything. She had a blast, she spent the afternoon in her Alice in wonderland dress. She had lots of fun on the slide, and playing with the ball pit with her friends. The girls actually ended up wanting the slide to go into the ball pit. I’m sure we ended up with more balls on the floor than we did anywhere else. Everyone seemed to approve of the food too which is always a big bonus!

I cannot believe that my little girl turns 2 in just under a week. I don’t know how it has gone so fast, it feels like yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital. I hope that when she is older she will look back on her birthday party and smile at all the memories. I hope we did you proud Emily. Mama loves you, always. x


  1. The party decor looks amazing, you did a great job! The cake looks delicious! I'm so glad Emily had a lovely party x

  2. It was such a lovely party. The girls are all adorable together. x


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