Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

Our, Em-nem Bug!

How is it possible my 6lb baby is now two! You have been in our life for 104 weeks, it feels like yesterday we brought you home. As I looked back through early photographs of you last night, I saw many of your expressions that I have come to know and love. Especially that cheesy little grin you pull whenever we ask you to smile (I hope one day you figure out it isn’t your actual smile). We have treasured every moment since you came into our lives, you have filled our home with so much love, laughter and cheer. I'm so thankful that I started this little blog, as I have been able to capture all of those special moments and days out with you. It is so nice to look back on all of the old photographs and your monthly updates. I love to see what you were doing at a particular age and I know you will treasure those too.

You have grown into such a feisty, independent and confident little girl. You always (ALWAYS) know exactly what you want and you have no problem letting your desires be known. Sometimes we have to say no, and it breaks my heart to see you sad even though I know it’s for your own good – chocolate and pom bears really don’t make a balanced diet monkey! You're also caring, loving and compassionate. You have just learnt to give cuddles when you want them, your Dadda and I used to just cuddle you but now It is on your terms and I treasure those snuggles even more.

Your language has seriously just exploded and you are constantly coming up with something new, yesterday you said to your Dadda ‘don’t do that’, you’re constantly telling him off for pinching food from his dinner plate before we sit down at the table. You also love to sing, your favourite two songs are ‘let it go’ from frozen, which we listen to about 100 times a day, and the theme tune from Ra Ra the noisy lion.

As much as I always wanted a girl, you really are not into girly things. If I try to put a dress or skirt on you try to take it back off again. You hate tights! You love the colour purple though, and constantly ask for everything to be purple. Your Dadda and I were discussing new shoes for you and you said ‘me purple new shoes’. After much searching, we finally found you some glittery purple shoes and you adore them.

I adore the relationship we have, you are my best friend and want to do everything I do, including going to the toilet at the same time as me. It’s going to be very bizarre when you no longer want to be with me, I know you are going to grow out of it, and won’t want to sing frozen in public with me (I dread being that embarrassing mum). So I really am treasuring the moments we spent together now because for right now, you think I’m the best, and so funny.

I hope that we teach you to love and be kind. To be independent, and your own person. To teach you manners, and courtesy, but most of all to teach you how important it is to show the people you care about, you love them. No matter what you set out to do in your life, I hope it brings you happiness and you succeed. I hope that you'll be able to trust me with all your problems, I want to be more than just your Mama, I want to be your friend too.
I'm so so proud to be your mama. 

Happy 2nd birthday Em-nem bug! We love you.

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