Autumn Kitchen Wishlist

Autumn is approaching fast, and is one of my absolute favourite times of the year. There is nothing better than snuggling under blankets, with thick knit socks and a hot chocolate when its cold outside. It is also a time of the year I spent most of my time in the kitchen. There is nothing better than good traditional winter warmer dinners, such as Shepard’s pie, casseroles and homemade pie dishes. Oh and homemade crumbles and apple pies. I do need a few new things for my kitchen this year though, and I would call them essentials, so I thought I would share my little wish list with you. You may also see a theme as the things I have picked are all copper. I adore this colour, and it will fit in well with my kitchen colour scheme.

 Slow cooker – I have wanted a slow cooker for as long as I can remember. Last year I borrowed my nan’s and have wanted one ever since. I always see such delicious recipes that require a slow cooker, such as stews, and pulled pork. This slow cooker looks as if it will be the perfect size of our family, and I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Kettle and Toaster – These beautiful matching copper kettle and toaster go really well with the slow cooker. I have needed a new kettle and toaster for about 6 months now, and I just keep putting It off. I fear that I am not going to be able to put it off much longer, so when I saw these I knew they were exactly what I wanted. I love that the toaster is a 4 slice toaster, we currently have a 2 slice, and it takes forever to make breakfast in the morning as it just isn’t big enough. I also really like the kettle, the pyramid type kettles are my favourite design, I think they look traditional but classy.
Microwave – Our current microwave has been on its last legs for a while now, it officially gave up this morning. I use my microwave so much so it’s vital I get a new one! I recently heard about the microwaves by Panasonic and I have fallen in love with them. With options to grill, steam and bake, they not only cook your food in half the time, but preserve its delicious flavour, vitamins and nutrients thanks to a revolutionary Turbo Steam technology. Your kitchen literally will not know what has hit it, and cooking fresh and healthy food has never been so simple. It sounds like the perfect addition to my kitchen, and the perfect time saving tool for busy parents!

Stockpot - The last thing on my list is pretty basic. It is a big stockpot, I have wanted one of these for a while, It would be the perfect pot to make soup in, and lets be honest there is nothing better than homemade soup. This particular stock pot is made from anodised steel and is dishwasher safe.

What are your must have kitchen items? I would love to know.

- Collaborative post

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  1. Fab picks! I absolutely love those copper bits you've chosen! We really should start using our slow cooker more, it's so convenient x


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