Autumn Bucket List

(sorry about the poor quality, it was really hard to get a good picture of the wreath because of the glitter reflection)

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I feel more relaxed and I love the sound of crunchy leaves. Autumn also brings a whole list of things I want to do with Emily. Last year I put together an Autumn bucket list and found it so productive. We managed to do so many things as a family that I would have forgot to do if I didn't have my bucket list to refer to. So this year, I told myself I would definitely put together another bucket list, and blog or vlog about the things we tick off it.

Although I wanted to create another one, I was determined to display it in a more creative way. I love doing arts and crafts with Emily, and really wanted to get her involved in the whole ‘bucket list’ process, but obviously at 2 years old she is a bit young to tell me what she wants to do, whenever you ask her she says jump in puddles – which I have added to the list. I decided to make a wreath with Emily, and attach all of our bucket list ideas on this. That way I can hang it on the wall and refer back to it as it will always catch my eye. It was so easy to create, and Emily had lots of fun decorating the different leaves. So here is how we did it, and what’s on our bucket list.

How to make the wreath
First I cut out a cardboard circle, I simply drew around a plate and cut it out. I then cut out lots of leaf shapes in autumnal coloured card (orange, and greens). I then gave the leaves to Emily, along with some finger paints in the colours red, green and yellow. She had lots of fun painting the leaves. I then let them dry and stuck them to the circle cardboard. I’m so impressed with how it turned out, it honestly looks so pretty, and Emily always points to it now it is hanging on the wall. Once I had made a rough list of what I wanted to add to my bucket list, I wrote these on some smaller gold leaves, and stuck them to the wreath. It was super easy to make but looks so beautiful.

Our bucket list
- Go to a firework display
- Have a cosy movie day/night in
- Go on a Mama/daughter date
- Bake a crumble or a pie
- Kick leaves
- Collect different coloured leaves for crafting
- Visit a pumpkin patch
- Pick a pumpkin
- Re-make our Autumn playdough
We made our own Autumn playdough last year, and Emily absolutely loved it.
- Buy a new festive candle
- Splash in lots of puddles
- Bake a Halloween bake
- Go apple picking
- Make Emily’s Halloween basket
- Create some Halloween themed crafts
- Carve a pumpkin
- Create some autumn themed crafts
- Go on a nature walk
- Have a hot chocolate with marshmallows
Emily has never had a hot chocolate before, and I can't wait to see what she thinks of it
- Make a firework painting
- Watch a Halloween movie

So there you have it, that is my bucket list, let me know below what is on your bucket list. You can also check out our YouTube video, don't forget to subscribe! 


  1. Great bucket list, may have to pinch a few ideas and do some more activities with the kids this year xx

  2. Wow there is some great ideas! May have to try some with the boys!

  3. Love your list, and the wreath! I think we'll try this!

  4. Love this. I might steal some ideas from it. I am really bad coming up with activities.

  5. Absolutely love this! I love Autumn, I'm going to try and do some more crafts with Sophie this month :) xx

  6. Great idea! What a great list of autumn ideas, its my favourite season!


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