My First Thomas All Around Sodor

If you're a regular reader, you will know that Emily is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Since we went to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor it has just fueled the obsession more. As Emily gets older her toys are becoming more interesting, they now move, and do so much more than they used to. She has quite the collection of Thomas toys, from wooden railway trains, to minis, take and plays, and now she has added My First Thomas all around Sodor play set.

The Thomas set is a really good size, and I found the track really simple to put together. I'm sure that once Emily is a little older she will be able to put the track together herself. The set even comes with a motorised Thomas train and cargo set, which was positioned in a presentation box, this meant that Emily had access to push the Thomas buttons before I even got it out of the box. The set does come with instructions, but we used the picture on the box to put together the track. Emily was really interested in the train set as soon as she saw it, she requested that 'we wait for Dadda' before we put it together.

There are 7 pieces of track to clip together, you then have the train sheds, which has a sticker of Thomas' friends on. Over the other side of Sodor, you can find Cranky the crane. You can place one of the barrels in the loading station next to cranky. The other barrels fits inside Thomas' cargo cart.

This is Emily's very first motorized train set, and she really is enjoying it. As soon as Emily saw that Thomas could move independently, A massive smile appeared on her face, and she was transfixed. This set has been played with everyday since it was delivered just over a week ago. Emily really enjoys pushing the buttons to make the train go around the tracks. There are three buttons on the train, a blue Thomas, yellow sheds and green cranky. Each button does a different thing. The Thomas button lets the train run continuously around the track, the yellow sheds button makes the train go around the track and stop when it gets to the sheds, and the green cranky button lets the train go around the track and stops at cranky.

So far the only time Thomas has been de-railed is the time where Emily pulled Thomas off the track. Thomas' face is also motorised and his eyes move from side to side when he goes along. He can even open his mouth. I love the fact Thomas interacts with items on the track as he passes them by, this made Emily giggle countless times, and actually added another level of play to the track. 

Luckily, apart from clipping the track together, there isn't any assembly, all of the pieces are ready to go as soon as you get them out of the box. There is no messing around with stickers either, as they are already attached. This is brilliant as there was no tantrums or waiting. The  track is easy to store, I simply take apart the track and put it in a storage box. 

The Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends, all around Sodor set retails at £39.99. If you have a Thomas fan like I do, I would highly recommend this train set.

- I was sent the train set for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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