Horse Club Riding Centre

Emily loves her Schleich toys, she has a good collection of different animals that we have been building up over time, they come in really useful for small world play. She ever had a playset, so when we were given the opportunity to review the new Horse club riding centre with rider, horses and accessories, which is part of the Schleich Horse club range, we jumped at the chance.

The new 'Riding Centre with rider and horses playset came with lots of accessories (including horses, a rider, blanket, riding gear, food, flower pots, and brushes), I was really impressed at the attention to detail. Emily absolutely loved the movable locks on the stable doors. There is also a sheet of stickers to decorate the stables, you can even add the horses name to the stickers. 

Surprisingly the riding centre is easy to assemble and the instructions were really informative. The sides clip to the base, you then add the stables - each of these open and close once in place, and then finally clip in the fences. My favourite feature of the playset was the fact you can remove the middle section of the roof, which gives you better access to the stables and animals, it is easy to put back again. The other side of the set is completely open. 

The Schleich Horse club riding centre has a RRP of £99.99. It is aimed at girls aged 4-8 years old, although Emily is just shy of two years old and really enjoyed the playset. If you are new to the world of Schleich you may be interested in the Educational play the Schleich way brochure that has recently been created. This brochure is full of really useful hints and tips on balanced play and lots of ideas to help you get the most out of your child's play.

Emily really enjoyed playing with the riding centre. I added some oats, for the horses to gallop in. Emily really enjoyed mark making in the oats with the horses feet. We also went on a little sensory walk, and found some cut grass, I then turned that into mini hay bales. Emily loves pretending to feed the horses with the hay bales. She kept putting the horses mouth to the hay bale and saying 'mmm'.

Emily soon added all of her other animals to the centre and enjoyed playing with them all together. Since we received the horse riding centre she has played with it everyday. She really liked the flowers and kept pointing at them saying 'purple, pretty'. I feel like this set is going to last her for a long time, and it will grow with her.

- I was sent the box for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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