Emily 23 Month Update

Oh Emily, how are we one month away from your second birthday? It feels like yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time. Of course, I adore watching Emily grow, and her personality develop but I wish I could keep her a baby forever, the reality of it all dawned on me the other day, I have a baby little girl now.

I'm so proud of Emily this month after we got back from holiday we decided to take the plunge and remove both sides from Emily's cotbed, and turn it into a bed. We have been taking the sides off, and putting them back for months, Emily would go maybe 2 weeks with no sides, and then cry and cry because she wasn't happy. We would put them back on and then go through the whole thing again a week later. This time I wasn't having any of it, I decided rather than take one side off and let her adjust, I was just going to change her bed completely and make it look like mama and daddy's. Sam and I prepared ourselves for a night of her getting up and down, but to our surprise, she took herself to bed at 7pm and went to sleep, no fuss at all. 

Since then I hate to say it but it been plain sailing. She isn't fussed that she doesn't have a cot, she adores her bed and hates coming out of her bedroom in the morning. We have a stairgate on her door so if she wakes up, she can play without getting into all of the things that she shouldn't, although I don't even need to worry about that as she just stays in her bed and read her books. We have also ditched the dummy, but that is for another blog post.

We have some improvement with the eating fruit and vegetable department, I have started to make eating them a fun activity. We did the pancake and fruit stack activity and she tried so many different fruits since then she has asked for grapes. I was absolutely stunned but so pleased. I have also carried on setting the example and making sure I eat a good amount around her, and always serve them on her plate. Luckily that seems to be working as she reaches for them now, and puts them in her mouth. Most of the time she spits them out, but that is fine. I'm just proud we have got this far. Emily has also been really enjoying BBQ's this month.

Well, this is a new category, it seems that as we are approaching two, we are also experiencing some of the terrible twos. Emily seems to have my temper, and her daddy's stubborn streak, which means she is not the easiest to reason with. If you tell her no, she laughs, or folds her arms and tells you no. If you try to give her time out, in her bedroom (we don't have steps) she just plays or lays on the floor. She is not worried at all. She doesn't necessarily have bad behaviour, it's more mischievous and dangerous. Emily is all about climbing recently, I have had to remove her bedroom unit and toy box from her bedroom as she is climbing on top of them to reach things she shouldn't. If I turn my back for two seconds in the kitchen, she is out of her high chair and straight into my chair. She has absolutely no fear.

Developmental updates and milestones

Emily's vocabulary. This is always the thing I find I talk about the most because her understanding and communication skills are amazing, there are so many words she can say, and phrases. Even short sentences now. My favourite word that Emily will say at the moment is toes, she will say it with a really posh accent that it just makes me giggle.

I have been doing my best to support Emily's independence recently and she is really shining. She will wash up her plastic bowl, cup and plate in warm soapy water when she has finished breakfast, she has begun to try to butter her own toast (using a plastic knife of course), she has also been helping me make breakfast, she will help me with small tasks like putting the toast in the toaster (supervised) and cracking the eggs to make scrambled egg. She is absolutely thriving and learning so fast.

Emily has also been responding to simple instructions, for example, she will help to put her toys away - if you ask. She will also get her shoes from the box and put them away depending on if we are going out or coming in. 

Emily is doing really well with her colours, she knows and can say, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue and Green.

She has been imitating me when I draw various different shapes on paper, for example, she will copy circles and square drawings.

Emily loves her books, and will listen intently while you read a story, she is also picking up on keywords and will say them back to you, or before you with some of her favourite storybooks.

Emily loves to jump on every manhole/drain cover she can find while we are out. She will not carry on walking until she has jumped on them.

She is very good at playing with other children, she is a very sociable little girl and seems to take charge when she is in a group of children who are a similar age to her.

Emily is becoming very independent with self-care, she likes to put her hat on herself, and pull her pants and leggings/shorts up by herself. She can also put her socks on unaided, although they are a little twisted, she is getting there. 

She can count to four confidently and loves to count every single step as we walk up them. That does mean that it goes a little something like 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 6, but she is getting there slowly.

Emily has always enjoyed music, but she is really interested in singing, she will sing along to all the theme tunes on the movies/television programs she is watching. Her favourite being Let it go, and Row Row Row Your Boat. The other firm favourite goes a little like this... Ra Ra you are, a noisy little lion.... sorry if you are a parent I bet you sang that and now have it stuck!

She is obsessed with doggies, it can be a little hazardous as she will run after every and any dog she see's in the park or if we are out anywhere, so I am constantly watching her.

Emily has started to notice the temperature difference. It was really hot the other day, and after playing on the balcony for a little while I wondered if Emily would like to go to the park. So I asked her and she replied 'no mama, *blowing noise*' indicating it was hot. I asked her if she meant hot and she repeated the word back to me with a smile. We also went out for a picnic and I had Emily's sun cream against a bottle of cold water when I applied it the cream was still cold, she said 'oh mama, cold'.

She knows how to navigate the Ipad with ease. She can turn it on herself, and find her videos, and even use the BBC kids app, YouTube kids app, and various learning apps without assistance.

Emily's imagination is amazing, she constantly wants to role play. She will make you tea and bring you biscuits. She sets her teddies up to play tea sets and then makes you give them kisses and loves.

This month we:
- went to watch In The Night Garden Live
- Went to the SeaLife Centre
- Had a lovely picnic at Coldecotte Lakes

Ra Ra the noisy lion, Thomas, Sofia, and Bing.
Her bed.
Colouring pencils.
Being outdoors.

Being told no


  1. Oh Emily is adorable! I love her pigtails. Rosalie turns two on Monday and we are also experiencing a few tantrums, they are so cheeky at this age aren't they? But also adorably cute xx

  2. Oh she is at such a wonderful age and sounds like she's doing amazingly with everything. You must be such a proud mama! I remember the tantrum stage well, i'd like to say it passes but it's just progressed into the "threenager" stage for me lol! xx

  3. what a great update. I loved reading this and the photos are fab. The coloured pasta is a fab idea and so educational. Little ones learn technology so fast these days but i don't think its a bad thing. :)

  4. Oh, she is just adorable! Such gorgeous photos, I really love reading updates like this. The terrible twos are quite a force to be reckoned with.... we're still going strong a year later haha! x

  5. such a fun age - nearly two! My daughter was two a few months ago and its fun hearing all of their little words and chatter x

  6. She sounds so adorable and so bright! Thank you for getting Rara stuck in my head haha. It's amazing how well she is doing and yet she's not quite two! She sounds like such a little character. :-D x

  7. Wow, such a lot happening into your little one's life at the moment! She sounds like she is doing amazing and I am sure that is credit to you and your support and care. So well done to you as well!

  8. Aww gorgeous photos, looks like she's coming along so well and how great about the move to a bed, I have just put Lottie into hers too! xx


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