Design A Standout Kitchen In 4 Steps

The heart of your home is your kitchen, well it is in our house, we spend most of our time cooking up tasty treats, and teaching Emily to make and bake new things. When we moved into our property the kitchen was bare, and it wasn't very appealing, but it is a rented property and we can't rip it out and start over. Even thought I would absolutely love the opportunity to do that. 

If I could design my own kitchen, I would have beautiful white kitchen cupboards, and solid wood worktops, in black oak. I would also have a similar coloured flooring as I feel like the dark wood would really compliment the white. However I can't do that, but there are ways that you can update your kitchen, to make it standout, and feel more organized, just by making a few small changes. 

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1. Add new hardware to your cupboards, and draws. Adding a little decorative touch doesn't have to be expensive, but it can breathe in life to a old slightly worn cupboard. You can also pick a design and style to suit your taste. Changing knobs and cupboard handles can easily be changed back too.
2. Change the lighting, the lighting is something that is easily changed and isn't actually replacing a worktop or something serious. This means most landlords will be fine with it. You can buy pretty cheap lights from halfords or IKEA, I really love it when you find a one-of-a-kind fixture as it adds character and really catches peoples eye when they walk into the room. You can also add some under-cabinet lighting to make the space more warm and inviting.

3. Add a Splashback. Spashbacks can be easily changed, and can breathe colour into a basic  white kitchen. They are a stylish and effective addition to any kitchen they are hygienic, easy to clean and help protect your walls and cabinets from unwanted splashes and stains.

4. A new coat of paint. You can instantly change the look of a room with a fresh coat of paint, you could even re-paint the cupboards and draws to breathe a new lease of life into them. 

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