Benefits Of Taking Your Child On A Caravan Holiday

A caravan holiday is the best kind when you have young children. Most people shrug off a caravan holiday, but honestly, I could not sing their praises enough. Not only does a caravan holiday give you quality time with your children, but it also allows them to discover the outdoors. Our generation is so caught up in technology, and social media that sometimes we find it hard to shut off. The thing I personally love the most about caravan holidays is there is no WiFi, there is no excuse not to be outside, or doing things as a family.

So what are the main benefits of a caravan holiday?

A caravan holiday isn't so strict as say, a holiday abroad. You don't have to worry about flight times, or traveling at a particular time of year. Caravan holidays can be taken anytime, and with little planning which makes them ideal for families.

Caravan holidays are so much cheaper than holidays abroad, you don't have to pay for the cost of flights, as you are staying close to home. You can also save your self massive amounts by buying your own food to take with you.

While most people believe that caravans are small, in actual fact they have quite a lot of space. When you are picking your caravan you have a lot more control over what size caravan you pick, every caravan is different as you can get different berths depending on how many people are going with you, this will ensure you have all the room you need.

Pet Friendly
Many families consider their pet as one of the family, and don't like leaving their beloved animal behind. Most caravan parks allow pets, this means you'll be able to take them with you, and also save a little money that you would of probably spent on kennel accommodation.

Since Emily was born we have been on two caravan holidays, and I'm sure there are plenty more to come. If towing a caravan isn't for you, there are hundreds of static caravan parks around the UK and Europe to choose from. So here are my top tips..

Find a family friendly caravan
If you have come to the decision that you want to go on a caravan holiday but don't own your own. Have a good look at the sites around the UK, many of them have lots of family friendly attractions nearby. We always go to the same caravan site, which is a short drive away from Great Yarmouth. There is plenty to do around the area, and if we don't feel like driving into Great Yarmouth we are right by the beach, with amusements, kids entertainment, shops, and play areas.

Something that many families over look is insurance. Even though caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, I would strongly recommend it. Many people believe that your caravan will be covered under your car insurance, but this isn't true, therefore it is definitely worth investing in separate caravan insurance, just encase. You can find out about the various different caravan insurances over on the camping and caravaning club website. It will enable you to relax while your on holiday.

Be prepared for wet weather
Make sure that you take your wellies, and waterproof clothing, after all we are in the UK. That way if the weather does turn out to be a little wet, your holiday won't be spoiled. There is no excuse no to go out and explore.

Ration the amount of toys you take
This time I completely overpacked, I took a bag full of toys for Emily to avoid her getting bored in the evening. While it was a good idea, you won't need many toys as you'll be out sightseeing, or having fun at the beach. I definitely wont be taking as many next time. I did find the pop up tent really useful though, as I was able to take it to the beach with us, and Emily could use it for shade.

What are you top tips for a caravanning holiday?

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  1. I definitely think caravan holidays are so child friendly, it is very flexible and always nice to let them choose and take a few toys with them. x

  2. Some of my best childhood memories are of caravan holidays, it was always a wonderful way to make new friends and experience new things without roaming too far away! :)

  3. Never done a caravanning holiday before unless glamping counts or spending one night in a caravan counts lol. But I agree with all your listed benefits

  4. We went on a caravan holiday to Devon back in June, our first one as a family and had a fantastic much cheaper! Right on the coast and a hotel in the same location was nearly 3 times the price. I'm 3 and it was like our home away from home. Pick a destination then look for caravan parks - that's what we would do. We'd recommend wide berth caravans too, bigger living space :) xx Great tips

  5. Never went on a caravan holiday but it sounds like fun.

  6. I grew up with caravan holidays - but you can take them abroad too. It is much cheaper and such a good idea. LOL I have been to campsites with WIFI too.

  7. We took most of our holiday when my children were little in caravans, it is so much more relaxing and fun :)

  8. Caravans are so much better than camping, as least you have some protection from the British weather!

  9. So many good points and Caravans today are nothing like the rickerty and rocky things they used to be x

  10. We've enjoyed a few caravan holidays and it's a convenient way to holiday for families.

  11. Cool tips, I don't have kids yet but will keep this in mind for the future. My husband said he used to go Caravan holidays every year as a child and it was awesome :)

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  12. Never joined a caravan before but i think this is fun and suitable for kids as well. Thanks for the tips.

  13. My gardparents owned a caravan when I was younger, I spent every summer staying over and I loved it! We have been thinking of taking are little ones for a weekend next year as I think they would love it, so much cheaper than a hotel too xx

  14. I like the idea of a family caravanning holiday, but I think my biggest tip would be pick the right location. We got it wrong one year, and it didn't go so well


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