Avoiding Those Stressful Hair Pulling Moments.

Yesterday was tough on the toddler front, Emily nailed the tantrums. I love her dearly but sometimes she just makes me want to tear my hair out, or sit in the corner and cry with a glass of wine. I'm sure every parent has these moments, its not that she is naughty, because she isn't. Shes just so independent, stubborn and fearless. While I was on putting the washing on the line yesterday, she had managed to climb on the back of the sofa, onto the window ledge (don't worry the windows are closed and she can't open them) and took all the picture frames off the wall. I have already had to remove the units from her bedroom because she loves to climb everything.

When Sam got back from work last night, I said to him "I just need 10-Emily free minutes, So I don't pull my hair out while trying to make dinner" He just looked at me with confused look and said ok. I have spent so long complaining to him about my hair falling out after pregnancy, that I must of really confused him by saying I would pull it out. It got me thinking, these moments are not going to last forever, soon Emily is going to be a teenager and not interested in being anywhere near me. I know I will look back and miss these days. So I thought I would tell you my 3 tips for assessing and dealing with the stress..

1. Take a moment
Learn you stress signs, its so important to know when your getting to the point of no return. Rather than overloading yourself with more stress, take a moment. It is impossible to avoid stressful situations but taking a little time out can be just what you need. Emily is only young, so I can't leave her alone. I do however focus on a spot on the wall, concentrate on my breathing and count to ten. It sounds silly but it makes all the difference. No one wants to be that shouty mama.

2. Look for a pattern in behaviour
Every child has a crazy hour. Emily's is 3-4pm just before Sam gets in from work. This usually is a highly stressful time, It's when Emily starts to get really tired, and then gets moody, she doesn't nap anymore and I know that she's just acting out because shes tired. Now that I have noticed the pattern I'm able to interrupt it and defuse the stress. Just before 3, we pick a book, read it on Emily's bed. She has a little snack and some milk, and then has quiet time in her bedroom for about 20 minutes. During this time she usually lays in her bed playing with bunny, and reading books. She can always come out of her room, but she never does - clearly she needs that time as much as I do.

3. Laugh
Do something fun and silly with your child. Me and Emily giggle over the most random things, we have this bond and I'm lucky enough to have the imagination to tune into her imagination. Laughing is so good for the soul, think back when was the last time you had a good laugh, a real belly laugh with your children? Make more of those moments because they are the ones you will remember.

While hair loss is something lots of parents joke about, it can be really serious and a stressful reality for some people. I remember after I had Emily, my hair was falling out in clumps, and I had small bald patch under my fringe, It made me self conscious, luckily my hair grows fast, and gre back. For some people this isn't the case. A full head of hair can be a reality again though, in the form of a hair transplant. You can find out all about FUE hair transplant over on the website, you can even have a online consultation. 

What are your top tips for reducing stress?

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  1. laughing is the key for me - if I didn't laugh I would cry haha x

  2. We laugh about the silliest of things too...we tend to laugh more about how much we laughing and how silly our laughs sound. Ha Nothing beats a good giggle! x

  3. taking a minute out for me works. Sometimes I just have to walk away and breath. It can be so hard sometimes they are so testing arnt they!

  4. Emily sounds very much like my daughter. Stubborn, fearless, independent. They are characteristics that I am really proud of but sometimes they do infuriate. At those times, I often suggest that we do something like colouring or PlayDoh or read a book. An activity that I know Little Miss H enjoys but that she will also sit still for and concentrate on. It often lets me have a cuppa too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  5. They can be tough at times can't they- I never thought about looking for a pattern... although I think mine mainly plays up postulancy because of the sudden energy in his body!

  6. It can be so hard when going through this stage and laughing is so important x


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