Saying Goodbye To The Dummy

When Emily was born we decided to let her have a dummy, much to the disapproval of some of her grandparents. Both me and Sam decided that if it made her happy, we were fine with her having it - no big deal. When the day come to ditch the dummy, we would manage. Well we have now reached that point; it was time to ditch the dummy. I had kind of geared myself up for this massive fight, Emily has had a dummy every night for as long as I can remember. I figured she'd miss it, kick off and we would spend our whole night constantly getting up trying to settle her. However, it was the complete opposite, she wasn't even bothered.

Degustabox - August

We have not long had this months Degustabox land on our doorstep, as always I was excited to see what different things we had inside! Degustabox is a monthly food subscription that offers new and interesting products to try as well as products you may not have considered. This box was full of some yummy products, and most of them I haven't tried before.

My First Thomas All Around Sodor

If you're a regular reader, you will know that Emily is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Since we went to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor it has just fueled the obsession more. As Emily gets older her toys are becoming more interesting, they now move, and do so much more than they used to. She has quite the collection of Thomas toys, from wooden railway trains, to minis, take and plays, and now she has added My First Thomas all around Sodor play set.

Bibetta Lunch Bag

We are always heading out for the day, or having picnics, so when Bibetta gave us the opportunity to review a lunch bag, I jumped at the chance. You can never have to many lunch bags in my opinion. I opted for the Pink Butterfly design, Emily loves anything pink or purple so I knew it would be a hit with her. The lunch bag also comes with an animal shaped name tag, in our case a butterfly one; which I thought was a lovely touch.

8 Reasons I'm Enjoying The Terrible Twos!

Emily seems to have hit the terrible twos stage, and boy do we know about it. She seems to have her daddy's stubborn streak and my temper. If you tell her no, she laughs, folds her arms, or just tells you no back. If you try to reason with her or give her time out, she just plays or lays on the floor, completely unfazed by the whole thing. While It's challenging, I am not hating this stage as much as I thought I would, I actually find it quite amusing, and sometimes I'm even a little proud of her. I know I must be crazy right? but hear me out.

A Positive Two Weeks!

It has been two weeks since I wrote my post 'I'm done'. I have been really working on myself and pushing myself to do more things that would set off my anxiety. That may sound a little strange but the only way things are going to improve is if i reach outside my comfort zone and try it. Of course I am still really anxious, but the main thing is I'm doing it! I thought I would share a little update with you, just on my mood and things that I'm super proud I have managed to achieve lately, not because I want someone to say well done, but because I know there are other people in the exact same position as me. For those people, I want to show you it can be done, and you can overcome it, slowly.

Kaya Jewellery

I'm not your stereotypical girly girl, I barely wear make up, I'm really not interested in wearing dresses or girly clothing, you will find me in just jeans and a top always. The one thing I do like is personalised jewellery. When Kaya Jewellery got in touch and asked if I would like to review a piece from their mum range, I was happy to. 

Milk & Biscuits Clothing

Milk & Biscuits are a brand we stumbled upon recently. I love the unique design of there clothing, so when they got in touch and asked if we would like to review a few items, of course I said yes. Milk & Biscuits is an Anglo-Chinese children's fashion brand, with a basic ethos: to be simple, honest and good.

Grab Some Of These Dunelm Promo Codes

I think most of us these days are trying to save money where we can, and get the absolute best deals for the things we purchase. I have been looking at new home where stuff, and when I do the first place I check out is Dunelm. It's always been a shop I love, and there are some really good Dunelm discount promo codes which have made the whole idea of a lounge revamp even more tempting.

Cheat Freak Shakes

Well I'm sure you have all heard about freak shakes by now? They seem to be taking over cafes and Instagram is jam packed with photographs of them! So what is it? A freakshake is a creamy, thick and cakey mash-up. They are massive milkshakes, piled high with cake, crazy toppings and cream. I have to admit they do look tasty, so I thought why not give it a go and make my own? I wanted to make these super simple with my toddler, so these are cheat shakes. Anyone can throw these together with a few ingredients from your local supermaket. Fear not, I have some tasty recipes for homemade freak shakes coming up next week.

Bathing Bunnies Toddler Bath Robe

Emily adores bath time, well anything to do with water and she's happy to get involved, she loves splashing in the bath, in the paddling pool or even in our sink - shes just worked out how to turn the taps on by herself. Little monkey. There is nothing better than getting out of the bath and getting into something snuggly and warm, so when I was approached by Bathing Bunnies to review one of their toddler bath robes, I was thrilled.

Avoiding Those Stressful Hair Pulling Moments.

Yesterday was tough on the toddler front, Emily nailed the tantrums. I love her dearly but sometimes she just makes me want to tear my hair out, or sit in the corner and cry with a glass of wine. I'm sure every parent has these moments, its not that she is naughty, because she isn't. Shes just so independent, stubborn and fearless. While I was on putting the washing on the line yesterday, she had managed to climb on the back of the sofa, onto the window ledge (don't worry the windows are closed and she can't open them) and took all the picture frames off the wall. I have already had to remove the units from her bedroom because she loves to climb everything.

Emily 23 Month Update

Oh Emily, how are we one month away from your second birthday? It feels like yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time. Of course, I adore watching Emily grow, and her personality develop but I wish I could keep her a baby forever, the reality of it all dawned on me the other day, I have a baby little girl now.

KidloLand Review & Giveaway

I have previously mention on my blog that we let Emily use a ipad (you can read that here if your interested), we do however only let her use certain apps. When KidloLand got in touch to see if we would like to review their app, I was happy to give it a test with Emily, she adores singing and nursery rhymes, and the KidloLand app had this and more. 

My Top 4 Dress Picks For Emily

I have been looking for new party dresses for Emily recently, with her birthday coming up in September and then she also has a few parties in September to attend (that aren't her own) I wanted to find a few cute dresses now, rather than a mad rush to find some a week before the party, which usually happens to me. I stumbled upon the website Lovethesales while I was searching through and found some beautiful dresses at a discounted price, so I thought I would share my top 4 picks with you.

Horse Club Riding Centre

Emily loves her Schleich toys, she has a good collection of different animals that we have been building up over time, they come in really useful for small world play. She ever had a playset, so when we were given the opportunity to review the new Horse club riding centre with rider, horses and accessories, which is part of the Schleich Horse club range, we jumped at the chance.

I'm Done..

Postnatal depression is brutal, it takes something from you that it never gives back. Today I woke up, and I couldn't get up. I wanted to, I knew I needed to, yet I just couldn't. I'm so fed up of fighting a war with myself that I don't seem to be winning, I feel stuck, and helpless, frustrated and scared. It's like a never ending vicious circle that I seem to have less and less control over. I know that I'm back in that dark place again, surrounded by dark clouds I can't shake. I feel like I'm being judged by everyone, and that no matter how many times I try to reach out to someone, I know no one will understand, so what is the point?

Pancake & Fruit Kebab

Emily used to adore fruit, and then her eczema broke out all around her face after she ate some strawberries. Now she absolutely refuses any type of fruit, and it has taken me and Sam about three months just to get her to start eating apples again. She will eat a fruit pouch or smoothie, so I know its not the taste that puts her off. I think it is just because she associates fruit with the bad eczema flare up. I have been trying to come up with fun ways to get Emily to eat fruit, such as ice cream sundaes (see the post here), and this week we tried Fruit pancake stacks. 

Finding The Perfect Party Shoes

We are attending a family friends party in a couple of weeks and  I found a perfect little dress for Emily to wear, however I have come to realise she doesn't really have any cute little shoes to go with it. For as long as I can remember Emily has loved shoes, she will go to the shoe box, find her shoes and walk around saying 'shoe, shoe'. I thought I would put together a little wish list, of the shoes I am considering to go with Emily's dress.

Benefits Of Taking Your Child On A Caravan Holiday

A caravan holiday is the best kind when you have young children. Most people shrug off a caravan holiday, but honestly, I could not sing their praises enough. Not only does a caravan holiday give you quality time with your children, but it also allows them to discover the outdoors. Our generation is so caught up in technology, and social media that sometimes we find it hard to shut off. The thing I personally love the most about caravan holidays is there is no WiFi, there is no excuse not to be outside, or doing things as a family.

Making Mocktails With a Toddler

Last week, my bestie Toni came round and we made some mocktails, you can view that post here. I decided to make some more with Emily, and she absolutely loved it, her favourite part of the whole process was adding the ice cubes to the cup. This is definately something I will be making again in the future. I thought I would share the recipes with you, as I had a great deal of trouble finding some alcohol free recipes online. I ended up making up our own based on the alcohol versions. 

Sealife in Great Yarmouth

While we were on holiday in Hemsby, we took a short drive to spend the morning at the Sea Life centre in Great Yarmouth. Sea Life is right on the seafront, and just a short walk away is a car park. Emily is really interested in fishes at the moment, so it seemed like a great time to take her to the Sea Life centre. She has never visited before, so I was eager to see what she would think. 

Design A Standout Kitchen In 4 Steps

The heart of your home is your kitchen, well it is in our house, we spend most of our time cooking up tasty treats, and teaching Emily to make and bake new things. When we moved into our property the kitchen was bare, and it wasn't very appealing, but it is a rented property and we can't rip it out and start over. Even thought I would absolutely love the opportunity to do that. 

How To Choose A Musical Instrument For Your Child

Emily has been a very musical baby from day one, anything that she can bang, or shake makes her happy. Her favourite thing to do is play with her xylophone, or sing. Their really is no stopping her. When Emily gets older I really want her to play a instrument, it is something I always wanted to do, and I know that she will really enjoy it. She currently enjoys her music lessons, so I'm sure that it will make her just as happy to play a instrument, when she is old enough. It doesn't surprise me that Emily is musical, even though I am a terrible singer I love singing in the shower, and Sam plays the drums, so I guess she gets it from us!

Making Mocktails

My bestie Toni came over at the weekend, and we decided to make some mocktails. There is nothing quite like a girly day, making mocktails, watching films, and having dinner. Emily really enjoyed the tasting all the different mocktails, and we are going to make some more to let her get involved. I thought I would share the recipes with you, as I had a great deal of trouble finding some alcohol free recipes online. I ended up making up our own based on the alcohol versions. 

Degustabox - July

This month we have just had a Degustabox land on our doorstep,  I was so excited to see what was inside as I have heard great things about them. Degustabox is a monthly food subscription that offers a new and interesting product to try as well as products you may not have considered buying before. This months box was full of a lot of yummy things, many of them I haven't tried before and couldn't wait to dive in and try them.

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