Yumbox Mini Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the new Yumbox mini. The cute Yumbox Mini is a smaller version of the regular Yumbox, It makes snack time fun and easy. If you follow me on social media then I am sure you have seen lots of pictures of Emily's lunch recently, and it is no secret that I love the Yumbox. Emily is quite a fussy eater, it is so hard to get her to try new things, and since her last eczema flare up she refuses to put fruit anywhere near her mouth. In a attempt to change this I have been trying to make her lunches more fun. 

In Emily's Yumbox mini: Super Yummies Tomato and Herb breadsticks, Car shaped boiled egg, Cheese shaped bunnies, Ketchup, Raisins and Yogurt coated raisins.

My first impressions of the Mini Yumbox was it was more chunky and sturdy than it looked in pictures, in my eyes this is a brilliant thing as it can take a good drop by a toddler. The Mini is supposed to be used as a snack box, but I think it is the perfect size for a toddlers lunch. Inside the box is a removable inner tray, which is made of clear plastic, this makes washing up the lunch box a dream. It has 3 compartments and I was really surprised to see how much food I could actually fit into the compartments. They are a lot deeper than they look in the pictures.

It also has a silicone lining on the lid which is designed to form a seal over the compartments when it is shut, this makes the Yumbox leak-proof. We went for a pink mini Yumbox and it clips together with the green clasp on the front. I personally love the design, there is no more adding little pots into a normal lunch box. As soon as I open the Yumbox everything is accessible to a inpatient toddler, and the whole process of getting to the food is a lot quicker.

In Emily's Yumbox mini: Cucumber Bunnies, Ham pinwheel wrap, Cheese Bunnies, Ella's Kitchen Carrot and Lentils crunchy sticks, and chocolate coated strawberries.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Yumbox mini, and it gets the seal of approval from Emily. I like that you can remove the tray, and the leak-proof design means I can add yogurt into the compartment. The compact size is perfect for popping into Emily's rucksack when we are heading out, and it also fits nicely in standard lunch bags with plenty of room to spare. I am really looking forward to packing many more lunches in it for Emily, as I know she has really enjoyed the themed lunches. Who knew I could get Emily to try new things by making it fun shapes. The Yumbox Mini will be available from Eatwell UK, in August.  

 - I was sent this product for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.

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