Sprucing up our bathroom

When we moved into our little flat, I concentrated on the main rooms first, the lounge, the bedroom and Emily's little room. The kitchen and bathroom seemed to get a little neglected. Fast forward nearly two years and the most we have done to the bathroom is paint it. Considering we live in a flat we do have quite a good amount of space in our bathroom, it just needs a little TLC. When people think about redecorating a room, they automatically think that it is going to be such a big job. It doesn't have to be though, you would be surprised what a coat of paint and a few accessories can do. 

I found two lovely canvas prints reduced to clear for £1 each. I thought they would go perfectly in my bathroom, the blue would match, and I just really liked them. I was actually really surprised by how much difference two pictures on the wall made. It made the room look so much more loved, and less empty. I also replaced our shower curtain as the one we had looked very old and worn. I picked a more vibrant blue pebble effect shower curtain, and I am really happy with how it looks. 

Of course there are more bathroom accessories I would like to add to my bathroom, such as a glass shelf above the sink, I was planning to have the brackets resting just above the tiles. A glass shelf would be perfect to get all the mess of the sink. It would look tidier but also make the bathroom look more loved. I have found a lovely glass shelf with chrome plated brackets, it is just what I have been looking for. The other thing I would like to add, is a double towel rail, which I found in the same website. It matches the shelf and is exactly what I am looking for. Sam and I always end up hanging our wet towels over the bath, and it makes the bathroom look messy and cluttered. Having a place to hang them would take away this problem. I think once we have added those touches, our bathrom

What changes would you make to your bathroom if you could?

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  1. I love the nautical theme the drawers are cute and so are the wall art. If I was able to change our bathroom I'd definetly want some shelves as there isn't much storage in ours.


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