Our Holiday To Hemsby

Before we had Emily, our go to UK holiday was Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth. It is a place that is so close to mine and Sam's heart, Its the place we visited for our first holiday as a couple, we go pretty much every year and we even went when I was pregnant. It is somewhere we have always wanted to take Emily as we knew she would love it, and this year we got the chance. We planned to head down to Hemsby for the weekend of my birthday, we ended up staying Friday till Wednesday, and honestly - none of us wanted to come home. I was so worried as to how Emily would react to staying in a new place, but she handled it like a pro. The caravan we always stay in about 5 minutes from the beach. 

Hemsby is a old fashioned seaside town, the beaches are one of the main tourist draws with miles of sandy coastlines, and large sand dunes which form a natural barrier between the beach and the village behind it. One of the more unusual features of the beach is the anti-tank blocks which provide protection from coastal erosion, and also a concrete bunker which is left over from world war II. The tourist-based part of the village lies along Beach Road, which is where we stay, it is commonly known as Hemsby Beach. It features funfairs, crazy golf courses and children's rides. The beach end of the road has cafes, shops, and amusement arcades. They're is also lots of chalets, and caravans. 

Our stay was amazing, we ate far to much ice cream. Emily became a little bit addicted to 2p machines, I'm sure that she gets it from me, and well.. they are a little addictive. Emily absolutely loved the beach, she really enjoyed splashing in the sea, and kicking up the sand. She wasn't too keen on building sand castles but she couldn't wait to knock them down. Most importantly, we had much needed quality time as a family. We visited the sea life center, and spent a whole day in Great Yarmouth (I have blog posts of these days coming up).

I did take way to many photographs, so I thought that I would break the posts into more than one blog post..


  1. I have never been to the area, but it sounds fun for families. I loved 2p machines when I was younger too haha x

  2. Such lovely pictures. I love visiting the beach, I was hoping to take the children this week but it looks like it is going to rain where I am. Lets hope it doesn't! It looks like a very special place so lovely that you have so many memories there x

  3. What a beautiful place, it seems like you had a fantastic time! We are looking forward to visiting the seaside this summer! :)

  4. I love taking kids back to places that you knew so well and were a part of your 'pre-baby life'! It looks like a gorgeous place and glad you had a lovely time

  5. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I've never been to Hemsby but I should really visit sometime as I live in Suffolk so not a million miles away. I think there is something so lovely about returning to the same place each year - like a home from home. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  6. Your photos are fab!!! Sounds and looks like you guys had a fab time!! My little one gets slightly addicted to those 2p machines too lols x


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