Num Noms Review & Giveaway

Num Noms are a new children's craze that everyone is talking about. Emily is obsessed with watching unboxing videos of Num Noms on YouTube, so when I was given the opportunity to review some, of course I said yes. I was kindly sent a deluxe pack and two mystery pots.

 Num Noms are super cute, and once you start collecting them you want to collect the whole set. They feature miniature characters which are inspired by sweet foods and flavours. Such as cupcakes, freezie pops, and ice creams. The Num Noms are also individually scented, you can combine the Num Noms together to create new yummy scents and flavours.

The Nums are the outer, soft, squishy, hollow characters. They nestle on top of a Nom, the inner hard-shelled characters that are either motorised to scoot around, filled with flavoured lip gloss or a stamp. You can pile them high to create different scent combos, or race them against each other. Their are over 1,000 mix and match combinations, collect by flavour, scent, colour, type - the combinations are endless. 

Mystery pots £2.99
These contain 1 Num, 1 lip-gloss or stampers Nom, and 1 collectors menu.
Starter pack £8.99
Include 2 Nums, 1 motorized Nom, 1 container, 1 accessory, and 1 collectors menu.
Deluxe packs £14.99
6 Nums, 2 motorized Noms, 1 container, 1 food accessory, and 1 collectors menu.
Playsets £24.99
The playsets feature a special edition Num Nom, the Go-Go cafe playset is the perfect playground for the Num Noms. Stack your favorite Num on top of your favourite motorize Nom and let them loose in the playground! Watch them "splash" in the teapot shower, have a ride on the saucer teeter-totter, or take a spin in the doughnut wheel! The playset includes exclusive characters - a scented Num and a scented, motorized Nom.

I love that their is something for everyone, the mystery box Num Noms will make a perfect treat, and the more expensive deluxe packs would be perfect for a birthday gift. Emily absolutely loved the lipgloss Nom, and the Num Noms smell amazing. Emily absolutely loves her Num Noms and has been playing with them for most of the day.

I was Kindly given 1 deluxe pack and two mystery pots to give away, for your chance to win enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. one prize to one winner
2. prize supplied directly from PR
3. UK entries only
4. competition ends 21/07/16

 - I was sent this product for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. These look like fun. I think Evie would love the ones that whizz around. Will have to keep an eye out in the shops and enter your giveaway :)

  2. My daughter got her first one this week she loves it would love to win more for her

  3. I've not seen these before but I reckon my Little Miss would love them! She loves Shopkins and I don't know why because she's never had any - it's the wonders of YouTube!


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