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Emily gives us quite a bit of resistance when it comes to brushing her teeth, she is too independent to accept help, and wants to be able to do it herself but she hasn't quite got the technique to do so yet. We invested in a electric toothbrush for her which has made a huge difference, she has started to move the toothbrush around her mouth and is getting there slowly. We also have started to use the Aquafresh brush time app, and it has made a huge difference to her.

The Aquafresh brush time app is helping parents and children to make brush time fun time with the all-singing, all dancing brush time app, which helps kids to brush for the recommended 2 minutes twice a day. Emily's favourite is character is Nurdles. The characters entertain children with catchy songs and dances whilst the brush time tutorial explains and demonstrates the correct way to brush your teeth. A timer then counts down the recommended brushing time, and before they know it, they're done.

The thing Emily really liked about this app was you can customise the brushing routine by choosing from a variety of characters, backgrounds, and dances. The app provides excellent incentive to brush you teeth, as everytime you brush for the two minute period the app takes count. You unlock more content, the more you brush your teeth.

You can download the Aquafresh brush time app in the app store or google play for free. I would definitely recommend the app, as it is really working well for us. It is so important that children get in to a good and regular teeth brushing routine from an early age, but as many parents would agree, engaging children at brush time can sometimes be a battle.

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