Emily's 22 Month Update

Oh 22 months, first off I can't believe that this crazy little monkey has been in my life for 22 months, and secondly, tantrums. sigh. They have made an appearance, I have to admit they could be a lot worse than they are, and for the most part, they are caused by frustration. 

Emily is still sleeping really well, I'm happy that she has found her own balance. She is sleeping from 7-8pm till 9am. She is still napping too, Emily is napping nearly every day of the week now, for anything between an hour to two hours. I'm not sure where the random naps have come from, but I am happy to go along with it, Emily will take herself to bed when she needs a nap, and if she doesn't then she just has a little quiet time. Emily will not sleep without her bunny, she has become more and more attached to it over time.

Emily has become interested in trying more foods recently, although she is willing to put it near her mouth she hasn't yet actually tried it, it is a start. I have gone months without her actually touching food, or trying even acknowledging it is there, it's a long process but one I am not going to give up on. Emily has been really enjoying her new lunchbox, and it has made us go on lots more picnics in the past few weeks. If I attempt to eat lunch at the table, Emily will ask to go on a picnic.

Developmental updates and milestones

Emily has learned lots of new words, but she has learned more phrases than words this month, such as, 'come on', don't do that, come back, let it go, ice cream, strawberry, yellow (currently pronounced lello), Camera (currently pronounced 'mamra').

Emily has a real dislike for clothing. She takes her clothes off at any opportunity she gets. she also removes the clothes off all her dolls and babies. 

She has started to take an interest in helping me wash up. She splashes in the bubbles and uses a cloth to help wipe over the dishes. I have been encouraging Emily to wash up her breakfast dishes, as I think it is really important for her independence.

Emily can jump with two feet together confidently.

She loves to help around the house, whenever Emily spots an empty bowl or packet she will take it to the kitchen to either put on the side or in the bin.

Emily can sign let it go, and frozen is currently her favourite film.

Emily has suddenly had a growth spurt, she can now reach up to the worktops, and the lock on the door. All of the places that she isn't supposed to reach. The other day she grabbed some scissors of the side, luckily I was right by her and put them out of her reach, but now it has made me realise just how much access she now has to everything.

Her latest obsession is Ra Ra the noisy lion - both Sam and I really dislike Ra Ra, it is one of those programs that can get under your skin and all of the songs and rhymes get stuck in your mind for days. She constantly walks around shouting 'Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra' until we put it on. 

Emily hates her pushchair, she would much rather walk. While we were on holiday she walked most of the time, I think we used the pushchair perhaps 3-4 times.

She has become a social butterfly, and she absolutely loves being around other people

Emily will give proper cuddles now, she will put her arms around my waist, and squeeze tight. She loves cuddles and kisses, but it has to be on her terms.

I can now put Emily's hair in a pony tail and pig tails, She loves her hair being up now. She will bring me hair bands constantly and say up, up. 

Emily can kick a ball confidently.

She can also put her own shoes on (doodles), she gets very frustrated if you try to help her.

Emily loves picnics, she will constantly ask to have picnics apposed to dinner and hot meals. We recently went for a picnic with new friends.

Thomas, Sofia, Peter rabit and Ra Ra
Ice Cream


The word no
loud sounds

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