Car Safety & Unexpected Bills

Since having Emily, Our main priority is her safety, especially in the car. It took us ages to decide on a car seat. I spend hours, no weeks looking at the difference types of car seats. When I was pregnant with Emily, me and Sam debated over what car to get, and which car has the better safety features, and so on. We finally settled on the car, and it's been plain sailing ever since. In our family, my better half (Sam) is the driver, and he takes care of the car and it's maintenance. Before we were together, I didn't realise how much stuff for a car costs. I was absolutely stunned by the price of tyres the first time Sam got them changed, at the same time it was completely worth it because safety comes first, especially when you have a child.

Before we went on holiday Sam ended up getting his car new tyres, and he hasn't long had a MOT. We went on our holiday and it was perfect, I didn't have any worries or concerns (you can read the post here). When we got back, Sam realised his car needs new brake discs and pads. Considering we have just come back from holiday, a unexpected bill isn't exactly brilliant, or what we needed. Luckily we have savings to cover the cost. However that isn't the case for most people.

Before Sam said he had savings for car emergencies, which I didn't actually realise he had. I was looking into payday loans after reading a interesting article, the article actually said that overdrafts are actually more expensive than a payday loan. Which really surprised me. Anyone who borrows £100 for 28 days from a payday lender now faces a maximum charge of £22.40, going overdrawn without agreement from your bank can cost as much as £90. 

If I was to get a payday loan Vivus would be the company I would go with, they are a short term loan company. You can borrow from £100-£300, and simply pay it back when you get paid, from 10 to 41 days. Your first loan from Vivus is half price. All of my worries about money have been for nothing. I always assumed that payday loans would be really expensive, but I am glad that I was proved wrong, and it is information that will definitely come in useful in the future.

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