Car Safety & Unexpected Bills

Since having Emily, Our main priority is her safety, especially in the car. It took us ages to decide on a car seat. I spend hours, no weeks looking at the difference types of car seats. When I was pregnant with Emily, me and Sam debated over what car to get, and which car has the better safety features, and so on. We finally settled on the car, and it's been plain sailing ever since. In our family, my better half (Sam) is the driver, and he takes care of the car and it's maintenance. Before we were together, I didn't realise how much stuff for a car costs. I was absolutely stunned by the price of tyres the first time Sam got them changed, at the same time it was completely worth it because safety comes first, especially when you have a child.

Caldecotte Lake

At the weekend we packed up a picnic and decided to go on a walk, as a family we love getting out the house and finding new places to explore. We originally set out to go to Willen lake, as we have been there before, but when we pulled up the lake was packed, and we couldn't get parked. So we decided to go to Caldecotte lake instead, we have had a meal their at the Caldecotte lake, but we haven't actually walked around the lake. 

Our Holiday To Hemsby

Before we had Emily, our go to UK holiday was Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth. It is a place that is so close to mine and Sam's heart, Its the place we visited for our first holiday as a couple, we go pretty much every year and we even went when I was pregnant. It is somewhere we have always wanted to take Emily as we knew she would love it, and this year we got the chance. We planned to head down to Hemsby for the weekend of my birthday, we ended up staying Friday till Wednesday, and honestly - none of us wanted to come home. I was so worried as to how Emily would react to staying in a new place, but she handled it like a pro. The caravan we always stay in about 5 minutes from the beach. 

In The Night Garden Live

Flicking over to Cbeebies (channel 121 - you can tell how much we do this) everynight at 6.20 has become routine for most parents, I'm sure. It definitely has for us, it is Emily's favourite show, and it has been since she was tiny. Makka Pakka is Emily's favourite character, she absolutely loves copying his little dance. I have to admit, as much as the catchy songs get stuck in our head as parents, whenever I hear the theme tune to In the night garden I'm flooded with good memories of snuggly cuddles, and sleepy smiles. I dread the day when Emily doesn't cuddle up to me to watch In the night garden anymore. 

Ice Skating Peg Animals

I am a huge fan of Twinkl, we have been using the learning resource website for quite some time now, and I have a few craft blog posts coming up. The Twinkl website has such good resources for parents, childminders, teachers and nursery practitioners. The resources have been really useful and I have enjoyed using them with Emily. Naturally when I heard about Enkl, I was interested and wanted to see if I could use the resources in a sensory play activity with Emily.

Emily's 22 Month Update

Oh 22 months, first off I can't believe that this crazy little monkey has been in my life for 22 months, and secondly, tantrums. sigh. They have made an appearance, I have to admit they could be a lot worse than they are, and for the most part, they are caused by frustration. 

LunchPunch Review and Giveaway

A little while ago I worked with Eat Well to review a Yumbox in a bid to make Emily's lunches more fun. Eat well are a company who import and distribute a range of unique and stylish products including Yumbox, Tidy Table Tray, Lunch Punch, and Lunch Box Love. With that in mind I was given the opportunity to review some LunchPunch cutters, Finding appealing finger foods for toddlers can be tough, so I was happy to receive some help. I was sent two different packs, and have been using them for the past couple of weeks. Emily has really enjoyed having different shaped sandwiches, and it has encouraged her to eat more than she normally does.

Keeping Teeth Clean | Aquafresh Brush Time

Emily gives us quite a bit of resistance when it comes to brushing her teeth, she is too independent to accept help, and wants to be able to do it herself but she hasn't quite got the technique to do so yet. We invested in a electric toothbrush for her which has made a huge difference, she has started to move the toothbrush around her mouth and is getting there slowly. We also have started to use the Aquafresh brush time app, and it has made a huge difference to her.

What's In Emily's Suitcase

Very soon we are off on holiday, this year will be the first holiday where Emily will understand what is going on. She will be able to run along the beach, and dip her feet in the sea. I have been on the look out for a suitcase for Emily, as soon as I started looking at different options I knew I wanted to get her a Trunki. Emily would love the independence that would come with being able to pull it along herself, and also the fun it would bring her sitting ontop of the Trunki. 

Num Noms Review & Giveaway

Num Noms are a new children's craze that everyone is talking about. Emily is obsessed with watching unboxing videos of Num Noms on YouTube, so when I was given the opportunity to review some, of course I said yes. I was kindly sent a deluxe pack and two mystery pots.

A Picnic At Bedford Park

Last Friday I arranged to meet up with one of my lovely blogger friends, Steph and her little girl Isla. We packed up a picnic, grabbed the scuttlebug, and headed off to meet them. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I have to admit even though I was a little bit nervous about meeting Steph, we got on really well. The girls got on really well too. Emily was constantly trying to take care of Isla,  and she even shared all of her snacks.

Yumbox Mini Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the new Yumbox mini. The cute Yumbox Mini is a smaller version of the regular Yumbox, It makes snack time fun and easy. If you follow me on social media then I am sure you have seen lots of pictures of Emily's lunch recently, and it is no secret that I love the Yumbox. Emily is quite a fussy eater, it is so hard to get her to try new things, and since her last eczema flare up she refuses to put fruit anywhere near her mouth. In a attempt to change this I have been trying to make her lunches more fun. 

Chocolate Cupcakes with Wyke Farm Butter

I love baking with Emily, and use practically any excuse I can to do so. We were recently sent some salted and unsalted wyke farm butter to make a yummy recipe with, and I couldn't wait to use the butter. We decided to make chocolate cupcakes, and topped them with chocolate coated strawberries. As soon as I get Emily's Apron out she runs to the table and is very excited about baking. Emily is very hands on when it comes to baking, I give her the ingredients and she loves to add them to the bowl herself, She also loves to mix the ingredients together.

Unique Life Planner Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a Lifestyle planner by Pirong. As you may have noticed I love planners, journals and anything I can scribble in really. So when I was given the opportunity to create my own planner, of course I said yes. Picking all of the small touches such as the sparkly elastic, and the planner wire made it more personal. I absolutely loved creating this planner, as I was able to pick every little detail, and it is the little things in life that matter.

Milk & Biscuits Pop-up Shop

I was recently given the opportunity to review a couple of items from the Milk & Biscuit website. I picked two gorgeous little skirts for Emily, which will be delivered sometime this week, While I was on the website I noticed that they were advertising their first ever pop-up show in London. After having a little read I realized that Milk & Biscuit would be selling items from their new Autumn/Winter collection. There are some gorgeous bits on there that I definitely want for Emily, such as a beautiful little dress (pictured below). I will try my best to pop along to the event, but I thought I would share it with my lovely readers too! 

Sprucing up our bathroom

When we moved into our little flat, I concentrated on the main rooms first, the lounge, the bedroom and Emily's little room. The kitchen and bathroom seemed to get a little neglected. Fast forward nearly two years and the most we have done to the bathroom is paint it. Considering we live in a flat we do have quite a good amount of space in our bathroom, it just needs a little TLC. When people think about redecorating a room, they automatically think that it is going to be such a big job. It doesn't have to be though, you would be surprised what a coat of paint and a few accessories can do. 

Perfect Charm Review

A short while ago I was given the opportunity to review a piece of jewellery from Perfect Charm. I have to admit that I have admired the handprint/footprint pendants for a while, as I have always thought they were beautiful. So I jumped at the chance to create my own, I decided to go with a handprint heart necklace pendant.
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