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When I was pregnant, I found out I was having a little girl and I was completely over the moon, I finally had a reason to buy pink stuff. I am the oldest out of all my siblings/cousins, and it turned out everyone else had boys. I remember going with my grandma to pick out outfits for the new babies, and I always looked at the girls section and wanted to buy pink stuff. So of course when it came to decorating Emily's bedroom I went all out with the pink. I decided to go with a pink/grey theme with white furniture, I then picked out pink accessories such as bedding and curtains. 

Turns out I have a little girl who loves vehicles and dinosaurs, so everything being pink doesn't really go down that well with her anymore. So I have decided to have a look for new bedding and curtains that are more to her taste, I don't want to re-paint her room because she still does like pink, I just want to accessories it a little bit better and make it more her. I thought I would share with you my not so girly bedding picks, okay there is bound to be some girly ones in there. I'm afraid I can't resist a little bit of floral. I found these gorgeous children's curtains on the Yorkshirelinen store, and the best thing about them is they have the matching bedding too. 

The little cloud dinosaur duvet cover is a really pretty print, too me it is a unisex print. I know that Emily would love it and it is a really reasonable price. I love the neutral colours as it would go with her pink walls. Again the little cloud woodland print is very neutral it has a cream background with the characters on top. While I really like this print, I feel like Emily would appreciate the dinosaurs print a little more. The last one is super girly and pink, It's the little cloud unicorn print. I absolutely love that it is pink, and couldn't resist putting it in although I am trying to move away from the pinks.

The other place I have found gorgeous bedding from is Zara kids, Zara isn't really a place I shop, or would think to look for bedding. However I stumbled across the second car print and I fell in love with it. The first bedding is a light blue colour with cars, I feel like the blue would really go well with the pink in her bedroom, as the pink and blue are both pretty pale. The second is a brighter print, this vehicle print is multi coloured and although I really like the fact it is bright I don't think it will go with her current decor. The last one I picked from Zara is a beautiful bouquet design, If I had my way it would be this gorgeous print. I wish they did it in our bedding size.

I think I'm going to show Emily the dinosaur print bedding tomorrow and see what she thinks, I have a feeling that is the one we will end up going with. Where is your favourite place to get bedding from?

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