Six Of The Best Wooden Toys

I love nothing more than traditional wooden toys, I love that they are durable, and take the tole of a good drop from a toddler. Emily has quite the collection of wooden toys, and I thought I would share her top 6 wooden toys. One of her other favourites is her wooden kitchen, but I have another post coming up about that, so I haven't included it. She does have the KidKraft sweet treats kitchen for those who are interested.

Xylophone Emily has had this wooden xylophone for about a year now, she absolutely loves it. This toy combines a wooden pounding bench with a hammer, and a xylophone. You simply tap the balls through the bench and then let them run over the xylophone making noise. Alternatively you can remove the xylophone and play with it seperately. Emily has had hours of fun with this xylophone.

Macaron and Slice Set This gorgeous macaron and cake slice set is a firm favourite of Emily's. She loves using her tea set to make everyone who visits tea, and then enjoys giving them macarons to go with it. Her favourite macarons are the pink ones, and she never serves those to anyone. The set comes on a adorable white tray with heart cut outs at either end which makes it easy for toddlers to hold. 

Wooden Pram Emily adores her baby or BB as she calls it. We knew we wanted to get her a pushchair for her first birthday but I just didn't fall in love with any until I stumbled upon this gorgeous one. It was a absolute bargain from Asda and Emily fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. She will try her best to fit all of her soft toys into the pushchair at once, and enjoys pushing it from one end of the room to the other shouting 'go go go'.

Food Crates Emily actually has four of these crates, they are meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable. Although the fruit and vegetable crates are her favourite. These are not only a brilliant role play toy, but they have also helped Emily to learn the names of her fruit and vegetables.

Mouse shape sorter When I was pregnant with Emily I stumbled on a lot of different shape sorters, It was always something I wanted to get for her as they are good for hand-eye coordination. Also for shape recognition and learning the names of shapes. Emily plays with this often and because of that she knows what a circle is, and what a square is. I strongly believe learning through play is the best way.

Fast food set I stumbled upon this fast food set in lidl before Christmas, it wasn't very expensive but it has become one of Emily's favourite role play food toys to play with. The set came with chicken nuggets, chips, a burger, ketchup and a cola can. 


  1. I loved wooden toys when I was younger, I remember having so many too!

  2. These are such cool toys and lovely ideas for play.

  3. We love wooden toys - Sebby loves the ball and hammer game

  4. I totally agree with you these toys are great to have. When my kids were little I loved buying them wooden toys.

  5. We are expecting our first child and I really want to have lots of wooden toys, so thanks for sharing these.

  6. I love wooden toys too - and at least they look visually lovely even when they have taken over your living room!!

  7. My son loves his Xylophone and is always bopping around the room banging it and enjoying the sounds it makes x


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