Hiring A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Let's be honest. Travelling is stressful, even the most experienced traveler will have stressful moments at some point throughout their trip. Travelling with a disability brings added stress and worry, but by no means does it make it impossible. For a while now Sam and I have been toying with the idea of taking my Grandma with us on a UK holiday. We have been thinking about taking her to Great Yarmouth or Blackpool for the weekend. The only problem is there is no way she would be able to cope with all the walking, she would need a wheelchair to be able to get around which opens a whole host of problems for us. We own a fairly decent sized car, a focus, but there is no way we would be able to fit Emily's stroller and a wheelchair in there plus all our luggage. 

Planning a UK holiday is pretty simple, of course we will have to look for an accessible hotel, but most hotels, especially the big hotel chains do have a few accessible rooms. The key to securing one is to book early. I would also recommend calling the hotel first, just to check that the room has everything you may possibly need. Their is nothing worse than going to a hotel and finding that it doesn't cater to your every need, after all your on holiday and you want to relax.

 We have taken UK holidays for the past 3-4 years. Last year we took my Grandma to Skegness for a long weekend, and she had a lovely time, well we all did. We got to take Emily to the beach, and ride on the old train back to the little village. My Grandma really enjoyed the company, and ever since our holiday to Skegness she has been talking about taking another one. I think we are leaning more towards Blackpool just because we haven't been there with Emily yet. I would love to take her up Blackpool tower, and let her see all of the lights at night. I just love the atmosphere of Blackpool at night.

If we do choose Blackpool we will have to hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle. With that in mind I have been scrolling through websites, trying to find help and advice on what type of vehicle to hire, and of course where to hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle from. I found some really useful tips about finding the right vehicle over on the mobility nationwide website. For example their were some tips that I hadn't even thought about such as knowing the dimensions of the wheelchair, and would it fit comfortably into the vehicle. Mobility Nationwide has been trading since 2004, they specialize in selling high quality wheelchair accessible vehicles, so they seemed like the perfect place to look for advice. Unfortunately they don't hire vehicles, they just sell wheelchair accessible vehicles, but I did manage to find some really good advice that will help us when we are looking for a vehicle to hire.

Do you have any tips when it comes to traveling with a wheelchair or hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

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