Emily's 21 Month Update

This age has to be my favourite by far! Emily has developed her own little attitude and an even bigger sense of humour. She is constantly making people laugh and smile. Although Emily is still very stubborn and determined. It is hard to get her to change her mind once she has her mindset on something. Emily is also developing her own sense of style, she knows what she likes and will not wear something she doesn't want to.

Last month I mentioned that we had adjusted our bedtime routine. I'm happy to say that it's still the same, Emily will go down to bed at 7-8pm, and sleep through until 9am. Since she has got into this little routine, she seems so much happier. I do think that Emily is having some sort of growth spurt at the moment because she is asking for a nap in the afternoon. I'm happy for her to have a nap in the afternoon, as she seems so much happier after she has napped. I am just not sure how long it will last, so I am trying not to get into the habit of her sleeping.

I managed to get Emily to eat fish pie this week! I feel like I really achieved something, she even ate peas! That is another thing to add to her list of things she first rejected. It is getting increasingly hard to get Emily to try new things, but I am very happy she is starting too now. New textures are still something we struggle with, but she is doing so well. Emily is also really enjoying picnics, she has always loved picky dinners (sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken bits and so on) which is why I think she enjoys picnics so much. It is either that or the fact she really enjoys being outside.

Developemental updates and milestones

Emily's vocabulary never seizes to amaze me, she always catches me off guard with new words and phrases. A few of Emily's new words this month are, home, boat, cake, hey guys, ha ha, purple, Hannah (pronounced han-nanna-ah), Jordan, Keys, Money (pronounced Monies), red, best friend, milk, pizza, apple, I scared you, please, come on then, I'm done, mouth, no more. 

A little conversation between Emily and I, regarding her daddy. I made Emily and I mini pitta bread pizza for lunch and gave it to her on the sofa as a treat. We normally eat all meals at the table and are quite strict about it.
Emily 'Dadda says no'
Me 'it's ok, you can eat it there as long as you sit still'

Emily 'wow, thank you'

Emily is so much more confident on her feet now, she is happy to run, jump and even tried to skip. 

We went for a lovely walk around Harrold-odell country park, Emily walked the whole way around the lake which took 1 and half hours. 

Emily has finally started to say mama again. Mama was her first word and she hasn't said it for nearly 6 months. I'm so glad to hear her little voice say it again.

Emily has been doing really well with learning her colours, she can say all of the primary colours (red, yellow, green and blue), plus some additional colours such as purple. We have been doing lots of colour activities. Emily has also been loving the dinosaur that pooped the rainbow book, which has really helped with learning her colours.

She can now put her hand into a fist and knock on the door properly, apposed to using her finger to knock. 

Emily can now sing 'row, row, row your boat' and do the matching actions. 

She had her first-ever haircut. She only had her fringe tripped but it was still a little hair cut.

Emily loved our trip to the farm and really enjoyed petting the rabbits. Her favourite animal is a rabbit.

Her bunny
Thomas the tank engine
Peter rabbit
Animal documentaries

Kinder eggs

The word no


  1. 21 months is such a fun age. Although with our nearly two year old it keeps being lots of fun, which is fab. They are like sponges at these ages and everyday they show that they've learnt something new. We still have the daily battle if trying to get our little one to try new foods. Laura x

  2. Clever girl,she sounds like a little person who knows her preferences and knows how to make them known, pretty much like every toddler at that age, haha.

  3. Such a lovely age, she is just adorable! Emily and Sophie seem very similar and are into the same things, even though Sophie is a bit older :) xx

  4. I loved this age! You look at them and think "there's a real little person there". It feels so strange.

  5. Wow what a clever girl at only 21 months. She can do a lot for such a young age. My 17 months old girl has yet to walk. She doesn't say many words. She has a handful if even.
    I can relate to new foods. I've been trying to get her to eat carrots. I think I give up at this poin . Must have tried at least 30 times

  6. That is amazing that she walked all that way, my little man is the same age and he is so lazy lol. he would never walk that far. We still have a nap in the afternoon for 2 hours and I love it. Gives me time to do housework etc. xx

  7. aww she's such a cutie! amazing sleep too! She needs to teach my two ;) x

  8. Little ones grow and change their minds so quickly. What they don;t like one minute, is their favourite thing another.

  9. Aw it's such a fun age isn't it! Loving her hat and her cheeky smile. Little I is also a big fan of Peter Rabbit and Thomas :) x

  10. I wish my little girl would sleep till 9, she is usually awake at 6 lol. Emily seems so cute and cheeky too x


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