Degustabox - June

This month we have just had a Degustabox land on our doorstep,  I was so excited to see what was inside as I have heard great things about them. Degustabox is a monthly food subscription that offers a new and interesting product to try as well as products you may not have considered buying before. This months box was based on a BBQ in a box, So let me show you what is inside this months box.. 

I was surprised at the amount of things that were in the Degustabox, I was also happy to see that the fragile things such as the Zeo cloudy lemonade and the Haywards tangy onions were wrapped in bubble wrap. It showed the thought and care that was put into the box. I really enjoyed the Zeo cloudy lemonade. It is made with 98% spring water, blended with naturally extracted lemons. Their was also a couple of new product I have not seen before, such as the Bakedin miricle mug brownie, it sounds just like it says, you pop the mixture in the mug and microwave it for 2 minutes. I am so looking forward to trying this, also the Schwartz american smokehouse homemade burger mix, looks delicious. 

Emily's favourite was the Destrooper-Olivier 'Belgian butters' wafers. You can eat these as biscuits, or eat them as ice cream. Their was also Amoy coconut milk, and Sacla pesto pots, both of these things I found a little odd because I wouldn't use these in a BBQ but there is recipes on the back of the card, to make yummy meals. Which I am definitely going to try.

Degustabox product of the month was this Butterkist yogurt coated popcorn. I haven't actually had this before, I opened it and Emily ended up eating the whole mini packet! The light air-popped corn with a creamy yogurt filling definitely had the seal of approval for her. The spicy tomato relish we are planning on trying on our home made burgers this week. It sounds delicious though. We are big fans of relish. I also love the look of the smooze fruit ice, in a coconut and mango flavour. I think these will be perfect for Emily in the summer. 

There was also these miracle noodles, which are a low carlorie, soy free, gluten free, vegan, non gmo, noodles and rice. The last product in the box is the Marston king star larger, which I am sure Sam will enjoy testing out.

If you would like to try the Degustabox, you can get a whooping £7.00 off your first box using the discount code BLDEG15.

- I was sent the box for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own

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