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I was sitting looking at a blank screen on my laptop, while my mind was whirling with thoughts. I had a massive to do list, which was draining all of my inspiration and valuable space in my mind. The thought of having to tackle that to-do list was driving me nuts. In the end I ended up writing a to-do list and working from top to bottom. There is something so satisfying about ticking off things on your to-do list. Once I had started to tick things off my list I felt a spark of inspiration. I could do this, I could tackle this list.

A while after this I stumbled upon a bullet journal video, and this is where I got excited, it was exactly what I needed to stay focused and organised. I suddenly had a burst of inspiration. I knew if I got all of  my ideas out and onto paper then I would free some space in my mind to actually create some good content. After scrolling through tons and tons of videos about bullet journalling I couldn't find any bullet journals that incorporated parenting pages too. After this, I asked a few of my lovely mummy friends why they wouldn't start a bullet journal, and the overall response I got was people said they just didn't have time. When I posted my last couple of bullet journal posts I seemed to get the same sort of response. I get that my journal is pretty and full of doodles but yours doesn't have to be that way.

Starting a bullet journal is so worth it, starting up the bullet journal is the most time consuming part, once you it set up, its pretty easy and for me the positives of having a bullet journal definitely outweigh the negatives. Since starting my bullet journal I have become a super organised person. I have become more productive, I felt less anxious and more clear-headed. I have also been reminded of my own creativity, and how good it is to express that. I believe that all Mama's could use a bullet journal, to document your appointments, meetings, special moments, cleaning rota or anything really.

So I thought I would share how I make my bullet journal parent friendly, or the pages I include that make it relevant to me as a parent.

I have a page dedicated to Emily's monthly moments, on this double spread page I have moments that I want to remember. Milestones that Emily may hit, or new words and phrases she has learnt. I also like to do little doodles on this page. As you can see it also has a pressed daisy - this is actually the first flower Emily ever picked and gave to her daddy.

I also like to include pages dedicated to a special weekend, or days out. This is our fathers day page, and I absolutely love the quote and little doodle. I actually saw a illustration similar to this somewhere and thought it was adorable. 

The other page thing I really like to do is include random pictures of Emily through the journal. This is one of my favourite pictures of Emily that was recently taken and I just had to pop it in.

I also have things such as Emily's appointments, and cleaning schedules in the journal. How do you make your journal relevant to all your parenting bits and bobs?

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