Bullet Journal - June

I have always been really interested in journaling, I love to draw and doodle but I could never find a planner to suit me. So I decided to just make my own little way up, as I went along. It was only recently that I discovered this is actually a thing! It's called bullet journaling, and I am actually really enjoying it! For those of you who are not familiar with it, a bullet journal is basically a way of making your own journal using a blank notebook. I picked a grey dotted Leuchturm 1917, and use lots of coloured pens. The great thing about bullet journal is you can lay it out however you want, include what you like, as little or as much as you like. The only thing I dislike about the bullet journal is the idea behind it is to use short bullet points. I actually over share and write tons, but I like to use my journal that way.

I have found a way that suits me, and I have been keeping everything organised recently which really helps. I started to realise that my mood was dropping, and I was so focused on my negative thoughts which made matters worse. Having my bullet journal has helped me stay more focus, I make sure I make time for me every night to write what I need to write, or doodle. I have also been keeping track of at least two things that I am grateful for in a day, even on a bad day I am finding a reason to stay happy and focused. So I thought that I would share a over view of this coming month, basically a plan with me?

First up I have a page with a monthly view, I then have a month at a glance for July. At the bottom I have a habit tracker, and a mood tracker. I find the mood tracker really helps me gauge how I have been feeling/coping during the month. Its nice to look back and realize I had more good days than bad. I then have a double page spread dedicated to gratitude, I first saw this on boho berry's blog, and I really enjoy looking back and remembering all of the things I was grateful for over the month. 

I then have a page dedicated to my little girl. I love writing down all of Emily's little memories, or moments during the month. For example the important ones that I don't want to forget, or the new milestones that she reaches. I was reading back on last months page and It warmed my heart to see all of the memories and new things Emily had learned during the month.

I have a cleaning schedule on the next page, I don't actually need one of these but there is nothing more satisfying than ticking a box when you have completed a task. Guess it is more of a motivational thing. I then have a brain dump page with a little Alice doodle. I had this page for the first time last year and I found it really helpful. I used it to jot down random blog post ideas, or youtube videos ideas. I'm also going to attempt to take part in the quoted and doodle challenges on instagram this month.

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  1. Oh wow I really love the idea of this and being able to lay it out anyway you want - very pretty as well

    Laura x


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