Our Weekend

Sunday was a absolutely beautiful day, we rarely get nice weather so I thought that we should make the most of it. Emily was treated to a new slide by her Grandma, and we were off to Sam's Nans after we collected it from Argos. Since we already had it in the car it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test it out. We don't have a garden at home, but I plan on using the slide on the part of grass we have near our building. Emily has just started to enjoy sliding down the slide, and I couldn't wait to see how she reacted to having her own. We also picked her up a small 3ft swimming pool while we were at Argos. 

Emily really enjoyed playing on her slide, and she even got the chance to splash about in her paddling pool. When we were younger, Sam and I used to put our slide into the swimming pool, I am sure most of you done that too? We couldn't resist recreating it for Emily. I wasn't sure if she would enjoy it, although she absolutely loves water, constantly splashes and puts her head under the water. It is something we have never done before. I'm happy to say she absolutely loved it, and had a fab day! So I thought I would share some photographs of the day with you.

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